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TAKUYA ANGEL  is a uniqe brand with its concepts taken from the West, fantasy worlds, and the modern Japan. The use of bright colors to compliment black while using materials such as Cotton, Rayon, and Cupra have made the Takuya Angel brand incredibly unique in Japanese fashion. We at TOKI100% just love this and want Sweden to know of this wonderful world that makes your thoughts wonder to anime and manga!

The fashion of Today


I just love this time of the year!
Yeah, sure it´s pretty when the first snow falls and it´s beautiful when the leaves shift in colours during autumn but still..
Spring means a warm fussy feeling, birds go wild and you feel something exciting is in the air!
And how you just looong for getting that heavy winterjacket off and just go nuts for colours and cute, , gorgeous socks to dress your feet in!
I fell in love with these socks from and together with the shoes it is a hit for my spring 2011!
Don´t think so much, just act when it comes to fashion! It´s not something you do for anyone but yourself (^-^)



Finally TOKI has reached and conquered the great world of cyberspace!
Its just great when a idea you have had stuck in your head for so long finally takes a shape and you can see it, touch it and
the best of all.. get other people excited about it!

I want you all to get to know me and TOKI and give me feedback on what topics you want me to write  more about..
Oh and I forgot to Introduce myself!

This is TOKI100% and we want to get you into the wonderful world of Japanese socks!
Here you will find info, pictures, news, brands, what to look for, when to use, how to match and lots of other great things in my crazy workd of socks!

Here you will also be reading about Japanese-topics such as 6%DOKIDOKI, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, odd facts and funny phrases how to learn Japanese just for fun, what to see, where to go and not from a tourist kind of view.
Follow me as I take you along and showing you another, more personal Tokyo and feel free to link to other great bloggers or sites you think I should look into!

Stay tuned and soon TOKI100 will be with you!

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