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After two days of rainy weather and no inspiration I found my look for 2011!
This girl has it all. She is cute, sweet, cool and right! Her socks are darling and similare to the one from tutuannaIve got in store.(sold here at my blog)

With crazy cute socks you need awesom shoes to complete you feet and a brand I really recommend is brandos. Check it out and get inspired for a crazy summer of socks.


You know what!
I just love beeing able to ignore that little voice inside My head that reminds me from time to time that Im 29 and should I really put on a tutuskirt, laced leggings, inflateble wings and neon socks for work? (working with youths, events and music)

I love getting excited over a pair of yellow socks with white lace bought from a backstreet in Harajuku.

Who says that your makeup will get “to much” if you have colourful eyeshadows AND two different colours on your lips? Maybe My little voice in My head, but as I say I ignore that and think Ive almost manipulated the voice to think Im pretty cool (^•^)

Summer is around the corner, the worlds biggest WAR OF WATER is soon and I love beeing me.

Here to inspire you!
My darling yellow socks from Tutuanna, you can buy some from me!



Oh, I just woke up this morning feeling totally rested with the whole day ahead of me and beeing free from work.. And it rains.

I look out, this day of Maj, and its grey and wet and dark outside and I think about how I want this day to start!
If I reach for the cealing with My hands while standing on My toes, looking up at the cealing saying: Oh Im soo depressed!
Try for yourself…
It doesnt work!
I cant be depressed making that gesture with My body.
I start to smile at myself and so this day starts with a smile(^•^)

And so does this beautiful socks, which I just sold a pair of!

Do you want to start your day with a smile? Just start by putting on some crazy socks!




Oh I just found this gorgeous socks from a brand called Tutuanna<3
Its so light and sweet and kawaii in all the ways there is.

These are a favourite of mine.
If you like it and maybe want to try it on, give me a halla and I'll get right to you.




If you have bought new shoes for this season you HAVE to spice up your legs! I dont care what they say, its not summer yet and even if it were, not all of us can wear these short jeans-shorts without something under.

These leggings are Best Beauty and I got them on the streets of Harajuku just for you!

I know you want them because I want them!

Just smell the nylon on these babies and send me a message!




The weather is perfect, people are happy and there are just so many cute shoes which I want all of with My beautiful socks on!

Ever since I got My 5 pins from the limiter edition of We vow to MIGHTY HARAJUKU I have worn it on whatever I put on! Im supporting this cause 100% and want it to bee seen.

Are you interested in buying socks or on of these great pins and support the victims in Japan, just place a comment here!



Sold sock of the day

Today was a great day!
I didnt only get to see all of My relatives at My mothers side to celebrate My Granddad that has turned 90 years old, BUT also I got to sell some of My socks and the ones in the picture is one of them:) I still got a pair left if you want it and tomorrow, Sunday, I will be in Norrköping @ Vasaparken between 12-15 listening to good music, having à picknick and showing some of My socks;)
Come and see me!




The package arrived today!
Now Im the owner of 5 WE VOW TO MIGHTY HARAJUKU! pins:)
This is a projekt Sebastian Masuda (6%DOKIDOKI) made after the catastrophy in Japan 11/3. There is a limited edition of these rare pins and I got 5 of them and all the money went to help Japan. Do you want one and become one of Swedens MIGHTY HARAJUKU fans? Contact Me.



So, after sitting on the ground at the trainstation in my yellow summerdress with a white/black striped shirt and my pink Harajuku-laced socks in red open-toe highheels, I felt happy even though I did miss my train.
In this state of happy and colourdust I wanted to share this picture with you!

The Black-dotted I just sold to my dear friend Marie<3


Who knew that after waking up this morning (at 6.30, got My new running shoes on even If I will only use them for walking, and took 1 1/2 hour morning-walk and after putting My buttocks in the couch infront of the telly and ate an enormous breakfast whith Kråkan and Alfons, the 2 parakites) I BOOK MY DARLING TRIP TO TOKYO!!<3
Its done.
Im in.
30th of July me and Mr.J goes to wonderland, he for 2 weeks and I for 3 months!
Im so happy to get to see eveyone again. My wonderful beautiful friends;)
And this is how I want to look this spring<3

The hair is soo great and so are her stylish legs and feet.

See more at



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