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Yasumasa Yonehara, also called Yone, is one of Japans most well-known fashion magazines editors and photographers.
After 11/3 he created a project called “One Snap For Love”.
He, together with 6%DOKIDOKI and  Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, a super-cute model and blogger in Japan, held a fundraising in
6%DOKIDOKIs store. For 500 Yen (ca 39kr) could you get a photo taken with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu by Yone and also get a MIGHTY HARAJUKU-pin!

These pins are only 1000 printed and I will get 10 of them soon. Are you interested of getting on of these and be part of Swedens only MIGHTY HARAJUKU-crew you can contact me and your picture will be up on this blog with the pin!
To read about One Snap For Love and see more pictures, please check out Tokyofashion.com

A wonderful day in Maj

Maj 4 of 2011 and what do I see when I push the curtain from the window to get in some spring air?
SNOW! In Maj! There is snowing ALOT and, wait what season am I in.. yeah thats right, SPRING!

You think that this would upset me right, but no!
Not when I have just got a package with wonderful exclusive “I´m the only one in Sweden with this”- socks!
Tutuanna, Tabio and random Harajuku socks!
And you know what.. I want to share these with YOU!
Are you interested of getting your own uniqe Japanese socks for graduation, a friends party or just because it´s soon to be summer and these are not a regulare H&M-sock like everyone you know have or could get!?..

Let me know and I will arrange something!

Something that I really admire is when people put their effort into something to help others!
Sebastian Masuda is the cofounder of 6%DOKIDOKI (a brilliant Japanese brand, located in Harajuku) and after 11/3 he wanted to do something, and because Harajuku is an important place for fashion and is well known by the rest of the world, he wanted to do something located to this district though he have lived there for a long time. He wanted young people to know that after this chatastrophy Harajuku was ok, so with his cellphone he started taking pictures and writing reports on how Harajuku looked, how peoplre were and what was happening. This on his blog, FB and twitter in both Japanese and English! He started to get businesses togehter to send things to the districts that needed most help and so this was the start of MIGHTY HARAJUKU project!
Alot of people showed great support and after a week he started making MIGHTY HARAJUKU pins and gave out for free!

There are 1000-pins out there as an exclusive way of showing support and I got 10 of them!
If there is any interest of supporting Japan I will sell these and all the money will go to Red Cross Japan!
Just contact me if you are interested!

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