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I´ve just got an order of beautiful socks from stores like tutuanna and Tabio and also a
selection from stores in Harajuku.
I don´t need them all so I think I will chare them with you..
so if you feel like buying yourself a pair of gorgeous decorative “one of a kind” Japanese socks for
lets say your graduation or because its soon to ne summer, youve just got a new pair of ballerina-shoes and want your feets to look as happy as possible??
Just say TABIO100% (or send me a comment or an email at info@tabio100.com and name footsize, pictures of my selection or just wait until I see you with my stash out in a park near you, having myself a ohanami just for fun!

This girl knows what Im talking about!
Socks with a lace cuffs!! Cute, funny and Ive got some different ones just waiting for a pair of feet to take them away:)
So take a look, get in the mood and take a closer look at TokyoFashion.com, our favourite fashion magazine on-line.
The crazy-kawaii shoes is from Tokyo Bopper

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