Sweden vs Japan


When walking around in Gothenburg I found this kawaii shop called.. Kawaii Shop:)
A pink sign shaped as a cloud welcomed me in to this small shop in the old parts of the city and the first I notis is the smell! Have I died and come to a creperie in Harajuku?
The sweet, chocolate smell is almost overwhelming and I before I look around the shop I need to know.. Do they make crêpes here??
The answer was (sadly) no after I find the source that is a candle! The store is lovely and as I look around at the cosplay-dresses and Care Bears one-pieces I feel the warm fussy feeling of Japan.
A girl came in with two friends and looked at a black goth-lolita dress and asks the girl that owns the store if she could put it away for her until the next day and when the owner says “sure” the girl gets all excited and walks out with a big smile!
This was a great day<3


About TOKI100

You know what you want? Socks from Tokyo! Where do you get them? TOKI100% I give you the ultimate japanized updates, Sweden-style!

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