You know what!
I just love beeing able to ignore that little voice inside My head that reminds me from time to time that Im 29 and should I really put on a tutuskirt, laced leggings, inflateble wings and neon socks for work? (working with youths, events and music)

I love getting excited over a pair of yellow socks with white lace bought from a backstreet in Harajuku.

Who says that your makeup will get “to much” if you have colourful eyeshadows AND two different colours on your lips? Maybe My little voice in My head, but as I say I ignore that and think Ive almost manipulated the voice to think Im pretty cool (^•^)

Summer is around the corner, the worlds biggest WAR OF WATER is soon and I love beeing me.

Here to inspire you!
My darling yellow socks from Tutuanna, you can buy some from me!


About TOKI100

You know what you want? Socks from Tokyo! Where do you get them? TOKI100% I give you the ultimate japanized updates, Sweden-style!

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