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So now it begins

And so it begins!
Everything packed to My teeth and My airplane-outfit next to My bed.
Tomorrow this time, Swedish time, we will be heading towards Beijing where we will land, eat something, change plane and then head to the land of the rising sun ϵ( ‘Θ’ )϶

Four and a half months have passed by since the Tohoku earthquake struck Japan and what an incredible work they have done since that! Still they try to save power by shutting down airconditions and such in the Tokyo area and ofcource its still radioactivity to worry about! OR IS IT?

When you for instance are flying, its 100 times more radioactivity you get exposed to. In Tokyo on “hot-spots” there could be up to 4-5 times more.
Not that any is good but what to do!

In late June, MTV Video Music Aid Japan was held and alot of artists showed there support for the victims and to raise money for the once in need since Tohoku and Lady Gaga (a personal favourite in fashion) was there. To read more about this check out TokyoFashion


Sueden さよなら

Im laying in My bed!
The two washingmachines have been used all day and there are dry and wet clothes everywhere!
In My livingroom there is a huge black bag almost packed.

While Im laying here with butterflies going bananas inside My stomache, counting down the minutes until……………………………………………

I’ve packed My navy-blue and white striped Onepiece!
Thats important, because this time I will be there over autumn when the leaves in Yoyogi park will turn colourful and the weather turn… colder?

Anywho, Im just so excited with only 1 day, 18 hours and 25 minutes left until my big adventure 2011!


Help me! NCUT

So, today is Friday 22nd and in 8 days Im going back to Tokyo!(=^ェ^=)

Im so excited yet abit nervous all of a sudden but just can’t wait stepping out on Narita airport and starting my holiday/life in Tokyo.. Again!

I have sold almost everyone of my socks but need some help with the last 4 pairs!!

Check out the pics and dig deep in your pockets for some spare change and some new J-socks for this last glourious days of summer 2011!

You can follow me and my everyday life in Tokyo, mastering the Japanese language that will take me to the top that is getting me some awesome socks back to Sweden, here at TOKI100%



The total amount for all these 4 socks are 600kr but I’ll give them to you for 400kr! 😉

J-socks <3

The j-sock fashion never stop amaze me!
Here are some street shots from Harajuku in Tokyo that My favourite site TokyoFashion took! TokyoFashion

This girl wears white see-through socks with black crossing pattern that I’ve seen before but dont know the brand!


This it-girl is so right with these knee-high socks in open-toe platforms (both from Snidel Snidel)



And finally! If I dont have a pair of Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Shoe when I get back from Tokyo I cant call myself a fashionista;)


Yeah Im with a band!

It´s the funniest thing!
And this I mean in more then one way (^-^)
I LOVE to dress up, you know that if you know me..
And this saturday I was out in the city at a festival (Munken in the Park) with my friends and the cutest girl
with the longest hair, shortest shorts and the most gorgeous eyes catches my eyes and I wish I had a camera with me to take her picture. But instead she comes up ro me and asks me if I she can take MY picture!

Ofcourse says the modell in me and poses as I´ve never done anything else in my life and she tells me she has a blogg where she writes about streetfashion and lots more.

So check her out, this gorgeous Stefani at

My business-card is here

Its so exciting getting an invoice and you have no idea what you will collect, but you rush out in a WAY to small outfit (because you didnt think before leaving home) and run to the postoffice and almost throws the invoice at the quite stunning girl at the disc and wait unpaitently. You get a box, brown one, quite large and a dorky smile spreads on your face, even though you dont know what it is yet!
But thats the thrill, isnt it!?

For now I could imagin all sorts of exciting things that could have been sent to me. What if there is a box of SOCKS that some brand sent me because they saw my blog and thought that this girl has an exciting idea:)
Or maybe it is a present from someone somewhere that just thought of me and shoot.. now what will I get to them in return!

I cant take it anymore and rip it open with My bare hands and… IT’S MY BUSINESS CARDS! ❤

A great day!


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