Daily Archives: July 6, 2011

My business-card is here

Its so exciting getting an invoice and you have no idea what you will collect, but you rush out in a WAY to small outfit (because you didnt think before leaving home) and run to the postoffice and almost throws the invoice at the quite stunning girl at the disc and wait unpaitently. You get a box, brown one, quite large and a dorky smile spreads on your face, even though you dont know what it is yet!
But thats the thrill, isnt it!?

For now I could imagin all sorts of exciting things that could have been sent to me. What if there is a box of SOCKS that some brand sent me because they saw my blog and thought that this girl has an exciting idea:)
Or maybe it is a present from someone somewhere that just thought of me and shoot.. now what will I get to them in return!

I cant take it anymore and rip it open with My bare hands and… IT’S MY BUSINESS CARDS! ❤

A great day!


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