Daily Archives: July 29, 2011

So now it begins

And so it begins!
Everything packed to My teeth and My airplane-outfit next to My bed.
Tomorrow this time, Swedish time, we will be heading towards Beijing where we will land, eat something, change plane and then head to the land of the rising sun ϵ( ‘Θ’ )϶

Four and a half months have passed by since the Tohoku earthquake struck Japan and what an incredible work they have done since that! Still they try to save power by shutting down airconditions and such in the Tokyo area and ofcource its still radioactivity to worry about! OR IS IT?

When you for instance are flying, its 100 times more radioactivity you get exposed to. In Tokyo on “hot-spots” there could be up to 4-5 times more.
Not that any is good but what to do!

In late June, MTV Video Music Aid Japan was held and alot of artists showed there support for the victims and to raise money for the once in need since Tohoku and Lady Gaga (a personal favourite in fashion) was there. To read more about this check out TokyoFashion


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