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Come sail with me

So, sorry for not writing for some time now! Just had alot to do with school!
So yesterday I had My first test and I got 88% right! I should be happy right but actually I was’nt!
The only two wrongs I had was so stupid and If I had just read it through once more…
Well after todays class I went out to an izakaya with My classmates! (standing bar)
It felt better and after that we played some games at an archade and I tell you, we were soo close to kill that last zombie-boss AND I rule in tennis;) What about that!

Todays outfit was in the sailor-theme with a white/navy blue striped dress from Shibuya 109 and pink tights and blue shoes! Hairpins from 6%DOKIDOKI.

Now Im so tired so I need to get My beautysleep but hey, see you soon;)

Tokyo-white keitai and a modell

My white cellphone

keitai, cellphone, white, Tokyo-white

So yesterday was crazy as ever! It all started when I was walking down to Komazawa station to catch my train to Shibuya! Two girls where coming up to me and said hi and asked there I was from and because Im so tall if I were a modell:) After having a all-japanese conversation explaining that I was a student here they told me that their friend had a modell.walking class that I was invited to if I wanted! So funny and maybe I should just do it for the fun of it..what the heck;)

School was great today and even if its alot to figure out and a test coming up this monday I really enjoying this course!

So humid out today that Its crazy but after getting back home after school, studying abit and then pinned my hair up I went to Ebisu and met my very lovely friend Saori! I have never really been to Ebisu before but god its beautiful and the people here are so chick and stylish and they have beer gardens!! Yeah I know I dont drink beer, but still the idea of sitting on a rooftop sounds pretty good to me:)

Having a great meal at this mexican restaurant, also on a rooftop, I went back home.. so I thought! You really have to be careful about which train you step on to because what I thought was the right train (and also the last though its around midnight and the trains stop at that time) I just passed Komazawa in a rapid speed I though.. OK.. what will I do now! You can feel really lost here sometimes BUT I just stepped out on the next station, going to the opposite line to go back and finally I got the right train! Back home, I had so much energy so I started to pimp my keitai (cellphone) and as you see: Its Tokyo-white!!;)

A beautiful day in a beautiful Tokyo-white world!

White wonders/ sock of the day

This time in Tokyo I will not get as crazy as I use to!
I know, why not. Where in the entire world would you want to go totally bananas if not in t-town! The very mother of crazyness in a fashion-kind of way! So I thought “Nah, ***k it ” and will totally go bananas again! Who says age has something to do with anything (except me in my sweet little head of mine every day).  WELL, even if I will twist and turn over every penny… or yen.. I go to get these crazy stuff Im thinking I should try something! And something in Tokyo 2011 is white.

You know, white for me has never really been an option really when going out shopping. Ive had a black period for ages during end just after highschool and colourful periods where I just walk around dipped in every colour of the rainbow feeling bubbely and cheerful about life!
But this time, this time in life! Just befor I hit a certain age I want to try white! Especially here in the best city in the world where white is not just white! Its soft, creamy, dusty, twinkely, jummy, shiny, crazy, romantic, cool yet sweet at the same time! I LOVE WHITE!

Soo, today Im showing of some items I bought in this theme!
Even the sock of the day is in this beautiful colour and its really Tokyo-white!

And after class today I went to this very elegant, thats another word for explaining white here, café with white couches, white linnen and sparkeling white chandeliere and I felt like beeing in a magazine! I could only wish that someone took a snapshot of me then and there to put up at a website so others could understand the greatness of Tokyo-white;)

Tomorrow I have a day off so we will see what new wonders of white I will find then!


Friends to live for

Sundays are my favourite day in Tokyo!
There´s something magical in a way I can hardly describe and today was no different!
The air is crisp, the people dressed for going to a temple or maybe just coming back from one and the neon glows through the light rain.
Today I will meet a very lovely friend of mine that I got introduced to in 2007 when I was here for the first time!
She has been very dear to me ever since and she have lived in europe for a couple of years now.. or is it more?

The funny thing is that she is back in Tokyo for just a few days and so we meet again, where we first became friends!
We spent the whole day together in Harajuku. The place to be a Sunday in this city!
Walking around, windowshopping but no real shopping…yet! Need to try and hold back cos I will be here for some time.
There is so many kawaii shops and the best ones is in the backstreets of Harajuku, urahara. This is so unique, all these little shops, and I just find the most delighted things I feel in my very beeing I have to have! But later.

We are eating cheap at a japanese restaurang today and its soo oishii and so japanese that i cant be other than happy!
And to sit here, in Harajuku, eating great food with a friend that I have missed so much.. on a Sunday.. is just pure happiness:)

She is 25 and turned really stylished! When I first met her I was 25 and totally crazy with fashion..haha!
Its so nice to talk alot again and remember all the fun things we had here and all the people we met.

She´s leaving tomorrow and we say goodbye around 9pm and her last train to Narita Airport will go around 11pm.
The wind is cool in my face when I walk up from the underground and with my red pen-skirt, purple fishnet-stockings and turqouis platform shoes I walk slowly home in a Tokyo getting darker and turning right in to my narrow street of the corner of the hawaiian restaurant Tsunami!

Life is sweet and tomorrow waits another beautiful, exciting day at Shibuya.

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I woke up with a great feeling in my body today!
Its genuine happiness I feel for today I will walk around in Shibuya and meet up with yuko, my very sweet friend that are here for some days!
The weather is so nice and cool now and Its lovely to walk around outside!
First stopping by “My English” (a english class for Japanese students) and It was really great!
Todays topic was about alcohol-traditions in different countries.
After class I got a present and I was so surprised:) It was an origami-note thanking me for being at this class today.
Just sweethearts at my school!

After school I met up with Yuko, and what I just love the most in this city is that there is always something going on!
Today, I walked up to Yoyogi Koen and there it was this festival! B-Boy Park 2011 or what it says on the backdrop;)
But still, soo nice with all these food-stands selling alot of oishi food and DJs playing at this stage and also dance battle!
Alot of people in a good mood this Saturday! What can I say more than that happiness really suites this day!

Because I feel all sparkeling today I had to take a picture of my 6%DOKIDOKI items I got going in to their shop earlier this week!
I really hope to get a meeting with them and tell them about Toki100%!

So what do you like this items? Would you call this feeling happiness?:)


TGIF in Shibuya






Gatsu-youbi: First day at school

So, now the vacation is over and the great study-mode should kick in any second now…. any second!
Can i just point out that I LOVE Komazawa Daigaku there I live! Its soo close to the Olympic Park where I think I should try and take a before-breakfast walk or/and a night walk everyday! The weather is just much cooler in the early morning and the evening!

So, today.. My first day in We Japanese Language School!
Im nervouse, gosh! Going back to study.. what have I gotten myself in to?
But Im fine, I will be fine.

I finally got to meet my councelor Ayumi-san, which I have been in contact with, 10 months:)
She was so happy to see me and I just got the best welcome entering the school and the 2 girls working there are being thrilled when then recognice that Im Emma-san:)

I´ve dressed for success ofcourse this day.. need to make a great first impression, ne.
I´ve got my Arigato-earing and a smashing outfit (only 1000Yen from La Forest Bazaar they have now)

So, Yamagushi-sensei, my teacher is so nice, and we are only 2 students in this class for now. Me and a korean girl (kankoku) that has beein in Japan 7 times and been studying Japanese for 2 months already.

And after getting all my books and learningcards and stuff, which Im staring to wonder how I will bring back to my guesthouse, the first day starts and its hardcore I tell you! My teacher is really good at Eigo, english, but we are driving fast in a nihongo line and when he ask me things in English I will have to answer in Nihongo (Japanese)! The tempo is fast these 3 hours we have class for today and My Grammarbook and Textbook is all in Japanese characters so there is no chanse but to figure out how to read the hiragana and katakanas. I admit, I feel abit stressed out though its fast and we are two people which one of us is really good and that one is not me:) But now, coming back to my room and beeing on my bed reading and reading and talking loud for myself I think I get pretty much! Just need to get my head around some things but tomorrow feels like it will be better and I will definitely learn a great deal whith this tempo:)

Oh, I found 6%DOKIDOKI, yes its the best shop ever, and I just had to buy some kawaii things there. Will have to be noodles for the rest of this month now:)

Heres some pics. Hope you enjoy!


The memory of humans are short and in my case non-excisting!
How could I, after moving about 7 times in Sweden and 2 times in Tokyo, forget how incredible HARD it is?
And on top of that, its 100 degrees out here and humid and to drag around a bag the size as a summer-house first to the Sakura House for paying my first rent, getting a contract and the key, to find the right metro line that isnt a metroline but some other type of line and at the very depth of the earth where apparently NO elevators go, its hard!

I know, Im bitching but I havnt slept, at all, because my boyfirnd and I had a all-nighter with FamilyGuy and The grudge though his bus to the airport departured at 5 in the morning. Ive showered at least 3 times already and its only 4pm but now, with WiFi, I sit on my small little chair in my charming little room in Komazawa Daigaku in Tokyo where I will stay for 2 1/2 months and I loving it!

The house is jammed in between a bright yellow one and another that just blend into the environment in this Japanese little district!
I have bought me some shampoo, towels, bowls, instant-noodles, a magazine, instant-noodles, instant-noodles, some drinks, toothpaste.. oh and some instant-noodles! Which I will eat..very soon!

In Komazawa daigaku, there is Komazawa Olympic Park (which I live very near)! I love parks! And here in Tokyo, parks on weekends means alot of happy people, families and all kinds of activities such as runners, dancers, singers, martial arts, picnic and lots more! I need to go out, after the noodles, and look around at my new hood here!

Tomorrow, new hairstyle at Sinden (a very nice hairsaloon at Omotesando) and strolling around in Harajuku, trying to find 6%DOKIDOKI!
Then my friends, its school-time and im redy, excited (and something more going on in my belly-button)!

Well, time to eat cos im hungry!:)

Yaa mata ne

KAMAKURA = beach

Oh my god this day has been perfect! Sunny, sticky and sandy YES but so worth it!:) We went to kamakura today that are famous for their huge bronze Buddha, rice cakes and their BEACH! We say the Buddha which was huge (picture up on my FB, emma.wallqvist) and the beach…the BEACH!! Im just stunned! So uncredible hot, sunny and there is pacific ocean! Walking with my bare feets in the water, watching tanned japaneese! I could easy go here next weekend for just laying on the beach, bathing and watching japanese tanned people:) Gorgeous!

We walked out to Enoshima Island where they have alot of shrines up the hill to a park with a tower you can go up and se 360-view of the beach!!!

So amazing! It took us all day long but it was so worth all sand I have on me now and the saltwater stuck everywhere for this!

A lovely lovely day in Kamakura this Wednesday ❤


So, my server have been off but now it seems to work again!
Yesterday we visited Tsukiji, one of the worlds biggest fishmarkets and its sugoi! So big and so much amazing things that live in the water that we dont know of.. not me at least! You go really early in the morning so we had sushi at the market as breakfast! But that is also the best sushi you could ever eat so Im happy! Later we went out in the city of Shinjuku and looked at people, becous what else is there to do, and played some archade games and ate ramen soup which is oishiiiii;) I also booked a time at Sinden. A hairsaloon Ive been going to before in Tokyo which is really great AND now they do nails AND makeup to! Maybe I will do everything..why not! Im in Tokyo!

But today, wednesday, we will go on a day-trip to Kamakura! 30min south from Tokyo this gorgeous small city is and they are famous for their beach!! And for alot of tempels and shrines along the beach! We will hop on a local train and go along and see all the beauty this small and unique city has to offer! Its to hard to be walking around in the middle of the day anyway.. I even got a nasty burn..but just on my arms and legs and Im white as a polarbear on the rest of my body! Kawaii? I say not!

Now, lunch!
Dono yo ni watashi wa kamakura ni iku nodesu ka?

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