Today Im tired, tskareta!
The jet lag is there poking me, it´s cloudy outside and Im LOVING IT!
After draging my tired self into the small bathtub, putting my lenses in so that I dont feel totally druged and getting a delisious make-up on, Im ready for our goal for today… HARAJUKU!

So, first some breakfast at DOUDOU and then down to Shinjuku eki for some JR-ride with the Yamanote line to Harajuku ❤
It all comes back to me and I feel so good knowing my way around!
Today its Tuesday (Kayoubi desu) and the time is…? I really need to get a watch.
Well its early and stepping out in Harajuku at the platform where all the cosplaying youths are (usually), they are nowhere to be found.
Maybe because they are in school still:)

Well, at Takeshita Dori its full with people as always.
They also have CREPES!! Oh the smells take you to candy heaven:)
For you who doesnt know, Takeshita Dori is the street that Harajuku is all about!
Well at least for young people and tourists that want to get the feeling of crazy stores with clothes, purikura booths, brands such as Wivienne Westwood, Cherie and where you can eat CREPES! The smell is not hard to find and when you do its like beeing in heaven:)
Even my boyfriend Johan thought this was better then he imagined. And that is harajuku for you in a nutshell!

BUT.. you cant just stop there! You have Harajuku street (URAHARA) which is the “backside” of Harajuku where you find these awesome
rare, small stores that gives you great japanese fashion you cant find anywhere else!
Walking around you finally get out at Omotesando Dori. There you have stores as Dior, Ralph Lauren, Chanel and more for you with a bigger budget then me.
But if you want to still walk around, becouse you just love this district and cant get enough, you go down a small street between these expensive stores and you find ANNA SUI, Kiddy Land and much more! So great just to walk around.

After walking around you finally come to Meiji Dori and there you have La Foret! A huge fashion mall which is….CLOSED??
Nandesuka?? How can a huge mall like this be closed or is my japanese that bad? But is say that 2-3rd August something something and a guard is standing outside the entrance!

Well, that just means we need to go back to Harajuku some other day and really, I dont mind at all:)

Oh, and I bought a watch today! At ZONA LIBERATA!
The first thing except for food I bought since we got here!!! Which was 2 days…
If you were here you would get what Im saying when I say its haaaaard not to shop…iiih.

To get a break from all this crazy shooping-mode, we walked in to Meiji-Jingue Shrine!
This is a shinto shrine just behind Harajuku station but its like entering another world!
Everything is green, acctually birds are singing together with tree crickets, and its so calm!
Just outside the temple yard you wash your hands and mouth with running water from a well and cleanses your mind.
A 5Yen is good to have to throw in this wooden box before you bow twice, then clap your hands twice and loud and then you wish or pray befor you bow a last time and leaves. I love this and you see so many japanese, old togehter with young, coming here and pray for good luck on a test, for good health, safe trip and more!

Now the time here is …. well I need to figure out how my watch work first, but on the bed watch it says 17:02 and after yet another shower (did I say its humid here) we will get out again and Johan will buy some records and I will not buy anything… I WONT!

So, Konnichiwa, konbawa and oyasumi nasai (good day, evening and good night) if I dont write some more later!

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You know what you want? Socks from Tokyo! Where do you get them? TOKI100% I give you the ultimate japanized updates, Sweden-style!

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  1. Nice blog! I’m a fashion blogger too =)


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