Lamen, SoftBank and Slots

Everyday here feels like a week in it self.. in a good way ofcourse but you just have so much to spend your time on!
Like today for instance. Harajuku in the morning, walking to Shibuya in light rain, sitting down on what might just be the cutest (sugoi kawaii) café up on a roof while Tokyo are drained in heavy rain and neonlight!
Record shops are found, mobilephone (keitai) bought and dinner at one of Japans most famous lamen (noodle) places!
Here you have a noodlesoup to die for and its cheap as well!

Eri, my darling former collegue and friend met us at Hachiko and helped me getting my pre-paid phone!
I couldnt have done it without her..really! Domo arigatou gozimasu! She leaves us outside of Donkihote and we walk in to the small streets of Shibuya. I now have a white, flipphone á Tokyo style and yes I will pimp it like a maniac later:)

The rain has stopped, the darkness have fallen down over the skyscraper with billboards huge as small houses and the city comes alive at 9.00 PM!
I cant help it but Im in love!
To end the evening before going back to the hotell, leaving Shibuya for this night, we hit a gamecenter of 4F and spend some money at slotmachines!
I rule at drums but there are far more insanelly good characters here tonight and I just have to film them!

I will try to put up some pictures here and at my Facebook (emma wallqvist) so that you can see but Ive got some problems here with the hotel-lan!

See you tomorrow (Ashita mata ne)




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You know what you want? Socks from Tokyo! Where do you get them? TOKI100% I give you the ultimate japanized updates, Sweden-style!

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