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Akihabara Electric town

Today we woke up at 10.00AM and hit the shower, because its so darn humid here!
But who cares when you are in the best city in the world ❤

With a colourful outfit Im ready for breakfast at DOUTOR (Ive wrote this wrong before) and then it started rain heavily!
Buying my first Japanese (see-through) umbrella, I hit the streets together with everybody else this rush hour it seems to be this time, and heading for the Shinjuku South Exit! There I charge my Suica card with mooney, hop on Yamanote line for UENO and just enjoying my ride to AKIHABARA!
Today we will se a district that is famous for its manga, anime, figurines, and of course maid cafés!

Outside of the station we walk in to the first 7 floor high crazy nerd (OTAKU) shop with just so much manga you only can dream of and more, much more!
And all these figurines of anime characters! And why is it you always end up in the Adult section? Its just there, wherever you turn!
From beeing just cute figurines to posing, limber, showing of…everything girls. I need to go out now!

Its just so very nice to walk around, looking at all this strange, crazy, weird but faschinating things and when we feel we cant manage more info, we hop on the train back!

A quicj rest at the hotel and then out to meet Seigo-san (my former boss) that want to take us out on dinner! We end up at a traditional Okonomiyaki restaurang (japanese pancakes with egg, water, fish flour, seafood/beef and cabbage) It might sound strang but soo good! He tells us funny stories about the festival and he is just the nicest guy ever!

After dinner we say buy and Johan and me hit the city for some shooting game at a gamearcade!

Just another day in Tokyo!

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