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Exotic! Me?

Yeah, I will admit it! Im beat! Its the jetlag, or the fact that its 32 degrees in the shadow and HUMID, or that I drag my own and my boyfriend around all over in a non-human tempo… in high heels!

This sunday has been gorgeous, hot and exotic!
We woke up at noon, ate brunch and went to Harajuku!! To see all the cosplaying kida at the station!
Going there, all excited to show Johan, finally, what Harajuku is all about, there is no kids outside the station dressed as Pokemon figure, or lolita or with free-hugs signs! And I understand because the weather today its atsui (hot) and I wouldnt sit outside a station in the sun with my costume on!

So, walking down to La Foret instead because now its open, we get to see adorable young people in dresses and outfits and we go to the bottom-floor of La Foret (which is a huge mall in Harajuku where you can buy lolita, gothic lolita and a lot of other fashion outfits) to see all these adorable stores!
Oh, it itches in my shopping fingers and I want to buy so much right away.. but now! I need to get through this vacation without spending all my money!

After checking out many floors and johan buying a japanese figure that laughs when hugging it, an older japanese couple stops us. All of a sudden we are pushed against a huge billbourd and flashes go of and alot of people stop and watches us stand in different positions as the older couple direct us and takes alot of shots!
Finally they are happy and we thank eachother alot and then we are off!
The strangest thing really:)

Its to hot today to walk to Shibuya so we take the train and then Johan finds a discshop and I buy a parfume so now I smell like candy-suger-flower-kawaii ❤

At 17.00 we go to WOMB, one of the more famouse clubs in the world, and in there its techno until 22.00! Its crazy, sugoi, saiko and we are about the only ones that are not japanese!

My feets are killing me and my body hurts but still, Im in the greatest part of the world and loving every humid second of it:)

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