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The memory of humans are short and in my case non-excisting!
How could I, after moving about 7 times in Sweden and 2 times in Tokyo, forget how incredible HARD it is?
And on top of that, its 100 degrees out here and humid and to drag around a bag the size as a summer-house first to the Sakura House for paying my first rent, getting a contract and the key, to find the right metro line that isnt a metroline but some other type of line and at the very depth of the earth where apparently NO elevators go, its hard!

I know, Im bitching but I havnt slept, at all, because my boyfirnd and I had a all-nighter with FamilyGuy and The grudge though his bus to the airport departured at 5 in the morning. Ive showered at least 3 times already and its only 4pm but now, with WiFi, I sit on my small little chair in my charming little room in Komazawa Daigaku in Tokyo where I will stay for 2 1/2 months and I loving it!

The house is jammed in between a bright yellow one and another that just blend into the environment in this Japanese little district!
I have bought me some shampoo, towels, bowls, instant-noodles, a magazine, instant-noodles, instant-noodles, some drinks, toothpaste.. oh and some instant-noodles! Which I will eat..very soon!

In Komazawa daigaku, there is Komazawa Olympic Park (which I live very near)! I love parks! And here in Tokyo, parks on weekends means alot of happy people, families and all kinds of activities such as runners, dancers, singers, martial arts, picnic and lots more! I need to go out, after the noodles, and look around at my new hood here!

Tomorrow, new hairstyle at Sinden (a very nice hairsaloon at Omotesando) and strolling around in Harajuku, trying to find 6%DOKIDOKI!
Then my friends, its school-time and im redy, excited (and something more going on in my belly-button)!

Well, time to eat cos im hungry!:)

Yaa mata ne

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