Gatsu-youbi: First day at school

So, now the vacation is over and the great study-mode should kick in any second now…. any second!
Can i just point out that I LOVE Komazawa Daigaku there I live! Its soo close to the Olympic Park where I think I should try and take a before-breakfast walk or/and a night walk everyday! The weather is just much cooler in the early morning and the evening!

So, today.. My first day in We Japanese Language School!
Im nervouse, gosh! Going back to study.. what have I gotten myself in to?
But Im fine, I will be fine.

I finally got to meet my councelor Ayumi-san, which I have been in contact with, 10 months:)
She was so happy to see me and I just got the best welcome entering the school and the 2 girls working there are being thrilled when then recognice that Im Emma-san:)

I´ve dressed for success ofcourse this day.. need to make a great first impression, ne.
I´ve got my Arigato-earing and a smashing outfit (only 1000Yen from La Forest Bazaar they have now)

So, Yamagushi-sensei, my teacher is so nice, and we are only 2 students in this class for now. Me and a korean girl (kankoku) that has beein in Japan 7 times and been studying Japanese for 2 months already.

And after getting all my books and learningcards and stuff, which Im staring to wonder how I will bring back to my guesthouse, the first day starts and its hardcore I tell you! My teacher is really good at Eigo, english, but we are driving fast in a nihongo line and when he ask me things in English I will have to answer in Nihongo (Japanese)! The tempo is fast these 3 hours we have class for today and My Grammarbook and Textbook is all in Japanese characters so there is no chanse but to figure out how to read the hiragana and katakanas. I admit, I feel abit stressed out though its fast and we are two people which one of us is really good and that one is not me:) But now, coming back to my room and beeing on my bed reading and reading and talking loud for myself I think I get pretty much! Just need to get my head around some things but tomorrow feels like it will be better and I will definitely learn a great deal whith this tempo:)

Oh, I found 6%DOKIDOKI, yes its the best shop ever, and I just had to buy some kawaii things there. Will have to be noodles for the rest of this month now:)

Heres some pics. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. waaa i really want to go to Japan and learning Japanese there
    lucky you 🙂

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