Daily Archives: August 20, 2011


I woke up with a great feeling in my body today!
Its genuine happiness I feel for today I will walk around in Shibuya and meet up with yuko, my very sweet friend that are here for some days!
The weather is so nice and cool now and Its lovely to walk around outside!
First stopping by “My English” (a english class for Japanese students) and It was really great!
Todays topic was about alcohol-traditions in different countries.
After class I got a present and I was so surprised:) It was an origami-note thanking me for being at this class today.
Just sweethearts at my school!

After school I met up with Yuko, and what I just love the most in this city is that there is always something going on!
Today, I walked up to Yoyogi Koen and there it was this festival! B-Boy Park 2011 or what it says on the backdrop;)
But still, soo nice with all these food-stands selling alot of oishi food and DJs playing at this stage and also dance battle!
Alot of people in a good mood this Saturday! What can I say more than that happiness really suites this day!

Because I feel all sparkeling today I had to take a picture of my 6%DOKIDOKI items I got going in to their shop earlier this week!
I really hope to get a meeting with them and tell them about Toki100%!

So what do you like this items? Would you call this feeling happiness?:)


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