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Friends to live for

Sundays are my favourite day in Tokyo!
There´s something magical in a way I can hardly describe and today was no different!
The air is crisp, the people dressed for going to a temple or maybe just coming back from one and the neon glows through the light rain.
Today I will meet a very lovely friend of mine that I got introduced to in 2007 when I was here for the first time!
She has been very dear to me ever since and she have lived in europe for a couple of years now.. or is it more?

The funny thing is that she is back in Tokyo for just a few days and so we meet again, where we first became friends!
We spent the whole day together in Harajuku. The place to be a Sunday in this city!
Walking around, windowshopping but no real shopping…yet! Need to try and hold back cos I will be here for some time.
There is so many kawaii shops and the best ones is in the backstreets of Harajuku, urahara. This is so unique, all these little shops, and I just find the most delighted things I feel in my very beeing I have to have! But later.

We are eating cheap at a japanese restaurang today and its soo oishii and so japanese that i cant be other than happy!
And to sit here, in Harajuku, eating great food with a friend that I have missed so much.. on a Sunday.. is just pure happiness:)

She is 25 and turned really stylished! When I first met her I was 25 and totally crazy with fashion..haha!
Its so nice to talk alot again and remember all the fun things we had here and all the people we met.

She´s leaving tomorrow and we say goodbye around 9pm and her last train to Narita Airport will go around 11pm.
The wind is cool in my face when I walk up from the underground and with my red pen-skirt, purple fishnet-stockings and turqouis platform shoes I walk slowly home in a Tokyo getting darker and turning right in to my narrow street of the corner of the hawaiian restaurant Tsunami!

Life is sweet and tomorrow waits another beautiful, exciting day at Shibuya.

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