Daily Archives: August 30, 2011

Come sail with me

So, sorry for not writing for some time now! Just had alot to do with school!
So yesterday I had My first test and I got 88% right! I should be happy right but actually I was’nt!
The only two wrongs I had was so stupid and If I had just read it through once more…
Well after todays class I went out to an izakaya with My classmates! (standing bar)
It felt better and after that we played some games at an archade and I tell you, we were soo close to kill that last zombie-boss AND I rule in tennis;) What about that!

Todays outfit was in the sailor-theme with a white/navy blue striped dress from Shibuya 109 and pink tights and blue shoes! Hairpins from 6%DOKIDOKI.

Now Im so tired so I need to get My beautysleep but hey, see you soon;)

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