I <3 festivals

I justweekends in Tokyo! So this weekend, I went with two friends to Yoyogi park and there, surprise, was a Brazilian Day festival! How about that! I just love that you can just stumble in to a festival while walking around in your favourite district (Shibuya).

Well, actually, we arrived around 7 and then it was kind of over, but still alot of people and food stands left! We hanged around for a while and then we went to Shimokitazawa!
Such a gorgeous little place with all these narrow streets and small shops and Izakayas everywhere!

I just love how there is always something to do and places to see and people to meet!
A lovely start of this weekend and the last train home was not as packed either (^-^)

Sunday I studied for a bit, then I went to Shibuya and walked up to Yoyogi park and the Brazilian Day festival was still going on! I looked at these capoeira-dancers (together with several houndred more) and all of a sudden, there is a drum-sound that echoes through the festival and people start to move to one specific place which ofcourse I do to! And there it was, a group of drummers, starting drumming away to a great beat as they drum they slowly walk their way ahead through the crowd. First of all I have never seen so many brazilian people before in Tokyo and second I have never seen so many Japanese guys shake their buts before! I joined in and started move to the beat as well and it was a great and happy feeling being a part of this happening!

Beers, foods on sticks, slushies and but-shaking! what is there not to enjoy!
After a pineapple-slushy and sausage-on-a-pin and some dancing in the crowd I was pleased and went back to Komazawa before the sky opened up and a heavy rain washed over the sparkeling light and drumming beat that ended one of several festivals in Yoyogi Park!

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