Somedays are up and somedays they go down!

Oh Im sorry, gomenazai, but I have just been picking my brain for the two last days because I have a test tomorrow (Thursday)!
Its my second one and this time its totemo muzukashi dest (very difficult) and mostely I think it is because its IN JAPANESE!

No, Im only kidding:)
But its on 7 new chapters and it IS in Japanese and 7 new chapters in 2 weeks is alot to cope with and my brain just want to deal with all new facts and not push any more stuff in there for a day or maybe a week (0-0)

Well, yesterday I was like a mad woman and after picking my brain (and apparently my hair to though when I looked myself in the mirror I had created some kind of afro-hairstyle) I was soo tired!
I had got some hilarious videoclips from my darling and you know when you are tired on the edge of crying or laughing at EVERYTHING! Well I picked the last one and just couldnt stop laughing for a long time! Such a relief!

I really needed that after I had a really shitty day the day before!
This time of year seemes to be hard and I always get stressed out and knowing that its less then a month until my moms 5 year aniversary for when she passed away is doesnt help! You can feel so small and so alone sometimes, even in a city like Tokyo!

I just had to get alot out of my system and I certanly did this Tuesday!

Well, whatever happens tomorrow on the test, I know I tried my best with all the hard work I put in to those books these couple of days!

This is a look I really like! One of many here is the glorious life the Tokyo-gaijin!


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