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Shibuya <3

Shibuya by night! I just want you to understand what it is I see everyday and what makes me happy here in Tokyo! Just to bee and look around me! This is taken from Hachiko Crossing!

I <3 festivals

I justweekends in Tokyo! So this weekend, I went with two friends to Yoyogi park and there, surprise, was a Brazilian Day festival! How about that! I just love that you can just stumble in to a festival while walking around in your favourite district (Shibuya).

Well, actually, we arrived around 7 and then it was kind of over, but still alot of people and food stands left! We hanged around for a while and then we went to Shimokitazawa!
Such a gorgeous little place with all these narrow streets and small shops and Izakayas everywhere!

I just love how there is always something to do and places to see and people to meet!
A lovely start of this weekend and the last train home was not as packed either (^-^)

Sunday I studied for a bit, then I went to Shibuya and walked up to Yoyogi park and the Brazilian Day festival was still going on! I looked at these capoeira-dancers (together with several houndred more) and all of a sudden, there is a drum-sound that echoes through the festival and people start to move to one specific place which ofcourse I do to! And there it was, a group of drummers, starting drumming away to a great beat as they drum they slowly walk their way ahead through the crowd. First of all I have never seen so many brazilian people before in Tokyo and second I have never seen so many Japanese guys shake their buts before! I joined in and started move to the beat as well and it was a great and happy feeling being a part of this happening!

Beers, foods on sticks, slushies and but-shaking! what is there not to enjoy!
After a pineapple-slushy and sausage-on-a-pin and some dancing in the crowd I was pleased and went back to Komazawa before the sky opened up and a heavy rain washed over the sparkeling light and drumming beat that ended one of several festivals in Yoyogi Park!

The shop-o-holic returns

I cant hold it in anymore!
Its eating me from inside, this overwhelming, restless feeling that just want to be unleashed!
I wasnt strong enough and today I let my gard down and let me be sucked in to its sparkeling shimmer. Im talking of the shop-o-holic!

You may laugh at this but that just proved that you never have been under its spell!
You may love shopping but a shop-o-holic just gets sucked in to the endorfine that arouse when you have bought something new!
The first time I let it out was 4 years ago my first time in Tokyo and I have been really good for almost 5 weeks but today I couldnt! There is just to many kawaii things!!!

I just HAD to have those earrings.. just look at them! Kirei ne!
And a white top is always good to have, and a striped one and one with these cute little bows on it! And a okii (big) wallet is just a must ans ofcourse Anna Sui stockings!

The clothes are from ANAP and they were on SALE just for your information! (Oh who am I kidding..)

Do I even need to tell you that all this was kaidesu (bought) in Shibuya ❤

AND today after a very intense day in school I met Mai-san! My exchange partner from We.

We ate donburi at yosuya (ricebowls with topping…oishii.. delicious and only 35 SEK =400Yen)

Now Im back and I have cleaned my room and now I will eat, be ridiciously happy of my new things and watch a movie! (^_^)

Mata ne

Roppongi Hills

Well this day has just been very looong!
Studied before school and today it felt like My head would just drop from all the info from the classes! And I was so hungry I was all dissy!

After school My sweet かんこく友だち (korean friend) and I went out in Shibuya and ate soo good and soo cheap! Love how you can do that here! Then, in to 109 because believe it or not but not everyone has been in there with all the other young and hot shopping-teens;) I bought a golden skirt, a chick top and autumn shoes!! Very stylish and very adult!
What has got in to me? Well, its 2011 and there is no time as the present and the present here is that there is ALOT of stylish japanese cuties!

Oh, and so you know! The new meeting-point (though Hachiko is soo crowded you cant find anyone.. Except me because Im the tallest most crazy-looking (in a high-fashion way) girl BUT if you want to get with the system and be cool as the teens here are your new spot is Tsutaba!
Its outside of Tsutaya and Starbucks! I LOvE IT! いいですね

After My shopping-spree we went to Roppongi Hills where we met with her husband and we ate delicious pizza with blue-cheese on and you dipped it in.. and listen to this.. HONEY! おいしい

So jummy!

Then back home, study because tomorrow is a new day.. And Friday again already! They say there is à typhoon coming in over Tokyo that can be larger then…. Well large, so we Will see tomorrow how it looks! I will meet My exchange partner Mai-san for coffe after school if the weather is ok!! So happy!!!

Byebye for today

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