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4 in 2

Since I arrived back in Sweden things have been crazy!

In 2 months Ive manage to shown My face in media 4 times!

1. – I took TOKI100% out to the public for the first time at Nkpg Style, an event for people who want to sell things.

Result = TOKI100% got an intervju in and on a local tv-station.

Then I went dancing on an event called lunchbeat where I got intervjued in tv again and finally I got asked by a dear friend at MakeUpStore to be the cover-modell for a magazines newyear edition!

This helps me not miss Tokyo to much!


Hi my dearest fan of TOKI100%.
I know I know, its been too long but much have happend, mostly exciting things that will make 2012 a great year to remember:)

Tomorrow, between 11-16 if you are in MY neighbourhood, TOKI 100
will be standing at NKPG STYLE (in Norrköping, Sweden) at Visualiseringscentret and sell very unique and super kawaii socks as CHRISTMAS GIFT OF THE YEAR!! (or at least I think so)

Do I miss Tokyo, strolling down the Centa Gai in Shibuya or walk all the way up the hill to Yoyogi park and all the way to Harajuku bridge? Every minute, every day!
BUT I do it in my mind and now my focus is to bring that very special unique Tokyo-feeling to Sweden instead!

Here is some pictures from TOKI100% first photoshoot!
Much thanx to Lina Steen och Victor Bisgaard for helping me.

Mite kudasai!
Look and get inspired;)

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