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Its a countdown


Ok, here I am.. Still in Sweden, Norrköping, where spring is fighting to get out everyday! Yesterday it was freezing, no kidding, when I went to work but the sun made its shine break through and warm up this frozen city about lunchtime!

Anywho, you know where I’d like to spend Springtime???
Take a wild guess! Come on..
YES! Tokyo IS the correct answer and the winner is ME!!!

The countdown seemes forever long but today, today its 24 days left until I jump on that flight that brings me back to wonderland!

Im just so happy nothing more has happend i Japan, though about a year ago EVERYTHING happend.

I miss My friends and the beauty they bring! Like Aliceandthecat
I ♡ her art!!

One year since

Yesterday, 11/3, it was one year since Fukushima Daiichi!

I remember so well what I did!
Actually I was home sick as I have been for the past week now and I was so excited that me and My boyfriend was FINALLY going to Tokyo together! Me for 3 months and he for vacation in 2 weeks.

I booked the tickets before newyear and we had been counting down since that! 2 years since last time I was there and My thoughts of Tokyo, My second home on this earth, and all My friends there have been on My mind everyday since.

But there I was, sick and in My couch infront of the tv and couldnt believe what I saw!!

A tsunami, earthquake 9.0, meltdowns in … several reactors, radioactivity, deaths, panic!

After the first chock and numbness I felt throughout My body I started texted My friends in Tokyo, making sure everyone was ok! Thank god everyone was but some had families in the northern prefectures so it was abit uncertain!

We looked at eachother and thought, what about our trip? The cherryblossom? My get-away that I really needed and had longed for so long?

We didnt need to decide though our travelagency called us and Said that our trip was cancelled.

The days after was a blur! The news was on 24.7 and I felt so sad for what was happening to Japan!

All My thoughts are with the Japanese people and mostely My friends this day and the nextcoming once!

Be strong!♡




Shibuya 109, 3F!
If you, like me, have a super craving for kawaii socks, this is the place!☆
I bought a bag full of socks last time I went there and these 2pair Is a ☆combo this spring.

I just ♡ the baby-pink bow on the back!

1st of March today and spring is upon us, and soon Tokyo and Ohanami-parties and bussines meetings with

I cant wait!

またね みんなさん!


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