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Just Nu – right now – 今

Im in a fashionmagazine here in Swden called Just nu (Right now/ 今)
They ask me about where I bought my clothes and what I think my style is, which I say street/gyaru, which means that im a girly-girl, loves shopping and planning events for similar minded as me ❤

Im at page 5/6.

Check it out

I ♡ はるFashion

はる だいすき♥
I ♥ spring!
The fashion is so jummy, delicious and kawaii!

The earphones are from Urbanears and My delicious lips Ive used:
☆Lippencil Pink Soda
☆Lipgloss Fuchsia from MakeupStore

My kawaii stockings is from 6%dokidoki and also this gorgeous BrickBear which is their own design!

Happy Tuesday☀




I ♥ 6%dokidoki

I want to tell you about love and this is My first of many input about Japanese brands(o^^o)♥

6%dokidoki in Harajuku


I ♥ Spring


I Just love this season!
Its warm, the trees are in blossom, My jeansjacket is out from the wardrobe and Ive got new pins on it ♡

6%DOKIDOKI is the big one and the sparkeling star. The crazy eye, that alot of Japanese girls are wearing, is from Spinns スピンス

NIGHT is a Swedish liveband at My livehouse that I must say is true to the bone!(^_−)−☆


1 Maj

Here in Sweden we have something called Valborg last day of April!
Then we meet friends, BBQ and watch a bonfire. Everything ends with fireworks! きれいですよ‼

It reminds me of おはなび!



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