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Meeting with a supermodel in IRL

I love destiny!
When it feels like things happend for à reason!
Just this week for instance, when Im at an International music conference, Trigger, at the center of Swedens biggest Music festival Peace & Love.

There I am, sitting together with the biggest names in the Music bransch, with Seymore Stain – the one who signed Madonna and Depeche Mode.

And there she is: Anina, a model with a passion for technology
She is a top model living in China, and have won the “oscar” for beeing Chinas biggest International model in 2009.
She has been featured in L’OFFICIEL, ELLE, AMICA, MARIE CLAIRE, IO DONNA, HARPER’S BAZAR, and worked with world renowned fashion photographers such as Javier Valhonrath, Fabrizio Ferri, Toni Meneguzzo, and Walter Chin.

When she enters the stage after all these suites from the Music business, she looks like a beautiful and fragile flower, but when she start talking.. I get goosbumps all over just to think about it. Her energy, her passion and her believes in technology with fashion and Music blows My mind.

Download her App Anina Dress Up and 360Fashion for a new, more exciting world.

I know I will do my best to try as hard as she when it comes to Toki100%.



Trigger : International Music Conference

My work has its benefits alright!
Just now Im sitting in Borlänge, Sweden at an International music conference, Trigger, where I get the previlige of listening to some of the most experienced musicbranch people.

These are two of them, and they are talking about music history which is really interesting!


Seymour Stein (US) – Warner Bros Records and Richard Gottehrer (US) – Co Founder The Orchard
These guys have an impressive CV!
In their recordlable SIRE they have signed:
Depeche Mode
The Smiths
Ice T.. and more

Walking out of this building, filled with inspiration, I walk right out into 45000 people beeing at Swedens biggest festival Peace&Love

Its a great day with alot of learning and the festival fashion is really interesting (*^_^*)its trash/dipping.
(small torned jeans shorts, a see-through top with a visable bra and all girls hair are dipped in different colours.. Mostely purple and pink. Interesting oh yeah, or is it just the 30-year me that has popped out with a frown and indexfinger, shaking My head?

I think I need some lunch now;)

Peace! And ♥


Swedens Biggest WaterWar

Today is the day before D-day!!

Im the eventplanner and producer from our organisation and together with Linköping municipality we present this event for the youths in this area.

Last Year we had 5000 visitors and hope for the same this year!

Pics will come(*^_^*)


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