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This girl is Fanny, 18 years old, from Stockholm.
She is cosplaying Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid.
She just love her and a friend introduced her to Vocaloid one year ago. She also like Japanese fashion, the language and wants to go there someday! She likes beeing at convention to meet people and friends.




NärCon 2012

Its not often something big happens in my area regarding Japanese culture but when it does, I just have to be there☆

NärCon is the biggest Japan-convention up in the north. (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland)

It takes place at the university in Linköping, Sweden between 26th – 29th of July!
I went there on Thursday to see what it was all about and also because Im collaborating with them about getting a well known Illustrators work to be presented.

Aki Akane is a 19 year old girl that is a singer and Illustrator from Japan.
She was seen in Japan Expo in Paris 2012 for the first time infront of an audience.
Here is what NärCon wrote about her.

Unfortunatly her illustrations got held up in costum so I couldnt present her Illustrations 😦
But I have them here in Sweden so I will be showing them in other venues.:)

Here are some pictures from NärCon!





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