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OoH My God!
How could I have missed..
I will go to Stockholm tomorrow but I had no Idea!!

Im talking about MakeUpStore, Swedens very best Makeup-company which I love♥ and have been in some fashionshows for new seasons and their chlothes, shoes, accessories!
I mean not that their makeup is gorgeous enough but all that comes with it.. And now the owner of Linköpings store Henke, tells me about this outlet where they sell everything from their fashionshows!!!

And If you know what Im talking about, I mean the crazy pieces I have worn in My days, this is heaven open up.

Yup, I booked a trainticket (new) To get To Stockholm abit earlier so I can go there and just hope that other people dont have the guts to wear stuff I definitely would( ^ω^ )

Wii, first outlet OF THE YEAR and then going To celebrate Emelie, My dear sweet girl friend that turnes 30.
What a weekend, I tell you!




Todays SOCK OF THE DAY I hand over to the awesome La Carmina^_−☆

Check out her gorgeous earless cat and her crazy hair and style.

You like goth! Then La Carmina is a must to know♥

New stuff up – Aki Akane

Im so excited about the new HQ illustrations from
that arrived to Linköping this wednesday.

They are just delischious(≧∇≦)

Im so happy to be able to have this exhibition here in Sweden and it would be the sweetest to actually get Aki-san here and to performe live next year.

Lets hope ne☆

More wonderful pics coming here from the exhibition!





Mm, I want then all for Myself:)



The cute Tabi-Bunny socks in the middle is the SOCK OF TODAY♥

I have a pair at home in white and red!
Just love them.
And YES, they are comfy ^_−☆
They are bought at one of Japans best sockstore TABIO

Monday = need some inspiration

Lets start today with a おめでとうございます♥ to YUKA-san at 6%DOKIDOKI!
She might be one of the most inspiring japanese girls I know with fashion!

When it comes to MAKEUP there is only one girl in Sweden that has is all AND have done this Wintercollection for My Fav-brand MAKEUP STORE:
Linda Hallberg
Such gorgeous girl!

And then I have to write something about one of all My young evetplanners i have helped during the years who has a 6th sence about good Swedish metal.
Check her out: Linn Ristorp


Opening party for Aki Akane Sweden

Welcome To Passagen, Linköping for
Swedens first exhibition of the brilliant
Aki Akane! 20/10 – 22/11 2012
I give you HelloKitty sparkeling and Pocky チョコレート.


I had




A good 50 people came this rainy day to see this special event!

Im really happy to announce that I had the World Premiere of Aki-san’s new musicvideo which she have produced, illustrated and sings to, all her self for the first time.


Thank you so much for today Mats Karlsson at Passagen and all of you that came.
Be sure to be back on Monday for more art by Aki Akane – artist of our time!

Aki Akane this Saturday


This is the fab, wonderful multitalented young superstar of this time!
This is Aki Akane and for the very first time in Sweden, this Saturday, if you live in Sweden you can see her illustrations at Passagen in Linköping.
If you can’t come this Saturday 12-15, then maybe you can come visit until 22nd OF november when the exhibition ends.

Its a free exhibition with purchasing possibilities so bring your big wallet
And Welcome To Japanese popculture history of today.

Aki Akane Vernissage in Sweden

Im all about hanging, putting up and fixing for this Saturday when I will have Swedens first real exhibition with the illustrations about the talented young superstar Aki Akane!

If you are around Linköping, come visit me at Passagen 12-15 this Saturday and experience something other than usual:)





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