Daily Archives: October 26, 2012


OoH My God!
How could I have missed..
I will go to Stockholm tomorrow but I had no Idea!!

Im talking about MakeUpStore, Swedens very best Makeup-company which I love♥ and have been in some fashionshows for new seasons and their chlothes, shoes, accessories!
I mean not that their makeup is gorgeous enough but all that comes with it.. And now the owner of Linköpings store Henke, tells me about this outlet where they sell everything from their fashionshows!!!

And If you know what Im talking about, I mean the crazy pieces I have worn in My days, this is heaven open up.

Yup, I booked a trainticket (new) To get To Stockholm abit earlier so I can go there and just hope that other people dont have the guts to wear stuff I definitely would( ^ω^ )

Wii, first outlet OF THE YEAR and then going To celebrate Emelie, My dear sweet girl friend that turnes 30.
What a weekend, I tell you!



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