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Im a NERD #2


This is me and yes, Im a Nerd!
What am I a Nerd about you think, and thats right.. Its alot and everything is about the beauty and crazyness of Japan and foremost TOKYO!

I will have the very talented, gorgeous, Linda doing My Makeup for this event and Im very hopeful though she is the one that is behind MUS wintercollection BonBon that is all about cupcakes and dolls!!♥

If you want to meet and see/hear me talk then looki here!

Hope I see you there!


Aki Akane #final deal

Hi My dear once!
All of you interested in buying a rare one-of-a-kind Aki Akane print have the chanse now!

My installation at Passagen in Linköping is now ending but I know some of you are interested so here are some pictures of the pieces once more!

1000SEK for the once with silverframeing and 3500SEK each for the once seen 3 in a row.

Its all A2 format and the quality is Japanese High Quality Print which is really rare.

Aki Akane is the next big thing so dont hesitate, buy one now (o^^o)











Aki Akane press

Today in extra östergötland you can see me and read about Aki Akane and ETB

If you havnt yet, put on your shoes and get going to Passagen in Linköping and see Aki Akanes illustrations and listen to her music.

She has just launched her 2nd cd in Japan. Follow her on FB: akiakane.


I’m a NERD #2

Here you have it, Black on white, that Im a Nerd (Nörd in Swedish) (o^^o)
If you want to read more click here

When I went into a store yesterday I found these lovely headphones and felt a aching feeling in My chest for My life in Tokyo☆


So much senses that triggers for some things, like I can smell and hear and feel Shibuya just by seeing its name on some headphones.
They can be bought here btw

Im A Nerd

So, My dear readers:)
This season I have many different hot-air ballons to juggle at the same time, but thats what I love so no complains;)

Aki Akane is still to be shown at Passagen in Linköping where you can see her amazing art and listen to her spirituell (punk) music^_−☆! AND its all free of charge ofcourse!

If you instead want to hear/see more of the fantasy that is Japanese culture, come here and meet me and lets be NERDS and talk about what we ♥ which is Japan! Free of charge ofcourse!

I will also pop up in Extra Östergötland with a pic taken of crazy multitasking, gorgeous photographer Lina Steen!

To be continued…


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