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StreetGyaru Fashion

StreetGyaru – Miss M I Am




I ♥♥♥ To be… “not in my 20s” and still buy a crazy pink delicious wig!
If you feel the same, check out this site which is a pretty good price if you ask me and its fast AND when you get it you just smile, and when you try it on you just keep on smiling (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I also love what you can do with makeup! This crazy/lovely work is done by MakeUpStore.
If you have it near where you live, give away or go and get yourself a makeuptreat. For about 60£ you get someone that shows you how to put on a party or “normal” makeup and for that money you also get to buy makeup for it all!!*\(^o^)/*

I just had a photoshoot for a magazine
and Im excited of the results(^_^)☆

Travel in Tokyo 3: StreetGyaru style

I have dropped you of at Yoyogi Park where they have festivals almost every weekend (in August – November anyway) 😉

Here you also can see alot of local musicians that stand in the alley that leads Up to Yoyogi Park from Shibuya and PARCO.
Also if you walk right just outside the park you see alot of young talents.

Walk abit more you might run into THE Rockabilly “gang” that is some Japanese guys and girls that dress Rockabilly with a twist and listen and dances to 50s/60s music!
Much entertaining! o(^_-)O

Then! THEN you end up outside Meiji-jingu Tori gate and HARAJUKU bridge!

Aki Akane @NärCon Vinter 2013

Congratz to Michelle for winning the Aki Akane-competition!!\(^o^)/



Köp en tavla! Buy an illustration!

Vill du köpa en tavla av Aki Akane på NärCon Vinter?

Ta kort på den tavla du vill köpa och lägg ut den på Toki100 tillsammans med ditt Facebook namn!

Gilla sidan så är du med i en tävling om att vinna en tavla!


Do you want to buy an illustration from Aki Akane at NärCon Winter?

Then post a picture of the one you like on Toki100 together with your FB name.

If you like the page then you will be able to win an illustration! \(^o^)/

Shiro-nuri Minori

I want you to dream!

I can’t stop looking at Shiro-Nuri Minori!
(White coloured skin fashion)







If you walk around Harajuku I bet you will see her, even if I havnt had the pleassure to yet.

This extreme way of fashion really get me to dream. ゆめ☆

My fashion, StreetGyaru, is all about daring to dream and wear what you want. Maybe this will influence My spring-look*\(^o^)/*

Take a pic of yourself and post so I we can be inspired and dream together!♥

GirlsCamera App + Yohio


I found this Tokyo Shibuya Girl App on AppStore
that makes you do your own purikura!!

I just had To try it out:)

So today I got a call from a newsmagazine that want to interview me about My love for Japanese fashion^o^

I wonder if it has something To do with Yohio
beeing on Melody Festival in Swedish television!? (o^^o)


A Swedish 17 year old boy who Loves Japan and started studying Japanese of the age of 10 years old.
A Visual-Kei star now in Japan and here is his PV!

Before Yohio and his band Seremedy went To Japan for their Japan Tour I booked them, twice, to the Livehouse Ive been a manager for since 4years back!

Im really happy he reached his dream!

Aki Akane @ NärCon Vinter


Im so excited to be able to show Aki Akanes illustration at NärCon Vinter 22nd of February until 24th.

I hope all of you 1000 people that got tickets to be happy about her art and YES you can buy them if you want to bring something great back as a memory from NärCon Vinter 2013.

See you there*\(^o^)/*


NärCon Vinter

Now its time again!

Aki Akane will be showing her illustrations at NärCon Vinter!

NärCon is the biggest Convention for Japanese popculture/games in the North. Their summerevent where I would have shown Aki Akanes work (but by some incidents didnt) had about 3500 visitors (which is really alot in Sweden)!

This is the first time they have NärCon Winter edition (an all indoor-convent) but people love it and 1000 tickets are sold!

22nd-24th of February, hope to see you there!!


Valentines Day 2013

Happy Valentines DAY!
I went Up and did some homemade brownies to My boyfriend (Japanese style) and then made My Nails look かこい(cool) with MakeUpStores



Really fun and very Japanese!*\(^o^)/*

Then I got the sweetest gift from My lovely niece in My mailbox!
Lots of love to you today!♥



I hope you all have a great day whomever you spend it with☆

Valentines Day バレンタインデー

Ashita wa barentaindēdesu

Tomorrow its Valentines Day!
Do you have any plans?

In Japan its only girls who gives presents, or mostly choko, to the guys.

One month later, 14th of March, the guys buy a present to the girls he got a gift from on Valentines Day!
This day is called
White Day!


I would love to get a gift from this new Fairy Kei store Lolli Punks in Takeshita Dori, Harajuku. But I just have to wait until 22nd of April when I go there Myself *\(^o^)/*


If you want to make some sweets to your sweet, check this FB page: Daidokoro


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