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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

So, if you want to be in with the J-crowd you need to Kamehameha

Today Dragon Ball Z: Master of Gods, have premiere in Japan 17 years since the last one and if you know Dragon Ball you know Kamehameha which is when a fireball comes out of your hand and you attac people with it so they fly away!

I just know I have to make my own Kamehameha attac picture!
Wonder if My BF will be thrilled getting hit!?^_−☆


Emma. Meet the girl who Loves Japan

So, this just came to My mailbox today!
Its from a Swedish magazine reaching over 200.000 households and Im the cover model (o^^o)

After YOHIO was in a big music competition in Sweden and got the most votes from the Swedish people, suddenly Japanese popculture was exciting and then I got called up for this interview ☆

Here are some pictures from THE magazine..

EMMA, meet the girl who loves Japan!

Me and one of my birds Alfons ♥

How to become a StreetGyaru in 5 minutes!
1) Get inspired!
Check out blogs/webpages like or ^o^
2) Fashion
Pick out what you love the most in your closet.
3) DIY
Make a jewlery of your favourite toy.
4) Pimp yourself
Take out your old pins, grandmoms broaches and pimp your jacket, bag, hat.
5) Nails
Take a nailpolish and make dots.
Makeupstore have Caviar as a really fun effect!



New streetfashion in Harajuku

If you by ANY chanse are going to Japan/Tokyo this spring or summer, do NOT miss HIBI, ORLEANS & CHIMERICAL!

3 new DIY streetfashion brands just opened in Harajuku last week and MAN I found some things I want!!

This jacket and dress is going home with me:



Yeji Joe is the fashiondesigner for HIBI


She was brought up and lived in Korea until 18 (2011) when she moved to Tokyo and started Bunka Fashion Design School.

I ♥ DIY designers popping out from Bunka and their mixes of form and technics.

Read more about this great New fashions here!

東京の春 (Spring in Tokyo)

The best season in My oppinion is Spring☆
And this year I get to spend it in New York AND Tokyo! *\(^o^)/*

How can I afford it you may think!
Well, I dont shop basically when Im home in Sweden! I save as much as I can and then I go to the best shopping in the world and spend money(o^^o).

Just recent they had this hair fashionshow in Tokyo and I LoVE hair!!

This is My springlook





Well, Im not on all the pictures as you can see (I hope) but Jeffree Star is My influence here^o^


35 days left until Im there, where I belong! Feeling 25 again\(^o^)/

Minori, My favourite shiro-nuri artist


She sent one of her hats to Laura Dambremont, a student from Belgium that is StreetGyaru for sure☆

I love all her gorgeous looks which you can see on

Download their App to and be inspired of fashion everyday(p_-)

I love your pics! *\(^o^)/*
Excited To see your photoshoot later!

Too Much Fancy

Found a fun little vintage/thrift store in Silverlake the other day. Its called Kapsis Estrella del Mar. Bought a pair of gold earrings and a necklace for $13. Might be able to use them for a photo shoot that I am styling tomorrow. The theme is “Tropical Bliss” and I want to use mostly gold jewelry. I have been shopping all weekend and got lots of cool tropical and animal prints. Its going to be crazy and colourful, will post pictures soon as I can! Going to sleep now, Goodnight xDSC_0827eDSC_0778

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Hina Matsuri ひな祭り

Hina Matsuri


Girl’s Day or Doll’s Festival is celebrated in Japan on March 3!

This day you put out doll ornaments referring to the emperor and empress in your house. Some do it from the middle of February and then take them away as soon Hina Matsuri is over!

This is a day to celebrate your daughters to a happy life with good health and beauty.

As all Japanese Festivals its really amazing (if you ask me) and this is so as well. Going to a Shrine filled with these dolls which you later send away on the riverbed is a beautiful tradition!

So I wish you all girls out there a wonderful Girl’s Day☆

Is Japan Cool?

I have found a great webpage from My favourite site SWEET STREET

Its called Is Japan Cool
where you can read about alot of different subjects related to Japan such as Tokyo, kawaii, food and on and on.
A great inspiration for you that want to know more about this wonderful country!^o^

Vite for this gorgeous and cool Hello Kitty artwork by SweetStreets under ANA (Kawaii)

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