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Kyoto day 1 – Rakuza

We have landed in Kyoto and I just say すごい*\(^o^)/*!

Some temple, to breath the fresh air and consume the culture and then to our guesthouse Rakuza

20130430-094058 em.jpg

20130430-094200 em.jpg

Here is some photos that will help you prepare your futon:

20130430-094356 em.jpg

20130430-094419 em.jpg

20130430-094430 em.jpg

20130430-094443 em.jpg

20130430-094457 em.jpg

20130430-094510 em.jpg

20130430-094523 em.jpg

Hope this helped you!
Now, sleepy;)

Hacienda & Chinatown

So I have told you before that I love weekends in Tokyo, and this Weekend was as good as ever! Here are some pictures to describe it♥

Saturday 土曜日

20130428-115837 em.jpg
Yoyogi Park

20130428-115920 em.jpg
Shoe shopping in Harajuku

20130429-120043 fm.jpg
Ironman 3, 3D @TOHO Cinema in Shibuya

Sunday 日曜日

20130429-120353 fm.jpg

20130429-120410 fm.jpg
Hacienda festival @Oiso (21 degrees outside)

20130429-120535 fm.jpg

20130429-120608 fm.jpg

20130429-120648 fm.jpg
Ken Ishii

20130429-120825 fm.jpg
Yutaka-san☆, Johan & Me @Hacienda

20130429-120936 fm.jpg
James Zabiela
So frickin awesome!!*\(^o^)/*

20130429-121130 fm.jpg
Peter Hook, the man who is the founder of Hacienda!

20130429-121351 fm.jpg

20130429-121406 fm.jpg
Sunset over Oiso with Fuji-sama in the background!

20130429-121541 fm.jpg
And last Afrojack!
And its only 20.00(o^^o)

20130429-121658 fm.jpg
Yokohama by night! We thank and bless Yutaka for this day! So very kind and awesome friend!
At last, before going home to Shibuya we got to see, and eat, at Chinatown.. (Biggest in the world)

20130429-121931 fm.jpg

20130429-121949 fm.jpg

20130429-122012 fm.jpg
Thank you and good night!

Clubbing + Tokyo Boppers

So, its Saturday in Tokyo and we woke up at 14.00!
But its ok, because we got “home” to the hotel around 7pm this morning!
I will just tell you this!
Get yourself Japanese friends if you come here bcos you will find the best places ever that way!

Yesterday were Johan played as a guest DJ (together with 15 others) in Ikejiri-Ohashi (one stop from Shibuya on Den-en-toshi line) was the coolest place ever!*\(^o^)/*
A tiny door in the Wall, a steep stairway and in to a tiny room where no shoes were aloud!! And that place was packed with Japanese cool people!
AND Hatsune Miku were DJ’ing I kid you not!!;)

20130427-115420 em.jpg

20130427-115430 em.jpg

An amazing place you would have never found without contacts but the best place to party until 5pm!!

This day it was all about the SHOES!!
Tokyo Bopper
In Harajuku, you must go to that store!
I bought these and ended Up on their blog;)

20130427-115754 em.jpg

Back in Tokyo #5

OMG Im back!*\(^o^)/*
Im back for the 5th time in my beloved Tokyo and one really good part this time is that we are staying in SHIBUYA!
(you know; Hachiko, Hachiko Crossing, Centa Gai, 109..)

20130425-114408 em.jpg
The trip took all and all 14h and when you already have a jetlag from NYC where I were just one week before this trip and add 7h to that, I now have 14h jetlag(°_°)
No wonder I slept for 14h the first night^_−☆.

We have been here now for 3 days (and have 18 more to go*\(^o^)/*やった!

Some shops I think you shouldn’t miss while you are here in wonderland is;
(Got this earing there today!)

20130425-115157 em.jpg

Anna Sui (yes I know it might sound expensive but the ¥ is so good right now so I this year is the first time in 6 years since I first visited Tokyo that I could afford it!!!) pics will come.

Yes I have a strange love for this store and brand but its just so sweet and crazy + you will meet Vani in person when you walk in the store and she is in alot of TokyoFashion snaps from Harajuku!!

I got alot from there but more pics come later(o^^o)

20130426-120009 fm.jpg

20130426-120018 fm.jpg

20130426-120025 fm.jpg

Now, Im going to eat some たこやき and sleep sweet dreams in the best city in the world♥

20130426-120256 fm.jpg

Evangelion Tights!

Well all of you that love Evangelion

check this out!!!


24th of April these cool tights will be out for me to buy, bcos I will arrive 22nd;)

Anything you want me to buy and sell at Toki100%?

Tokyo – rent a family

If you are in Sweden you should turn on SVT1 and look how you can rent a family in Tokyo-Japan!

You just must love it☆☆

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