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Hotaru Matsuri – Firefly festival

Today, or yesterday because Im writing so late, was a Firefly festival celebrated in Japan.
Hotaru Matsuri

In 2012 Panasonic added 100.000 lanterns in Sumida River in Tokyo, where apparently a long time ago You could catch fireflies!

Such a beautiful event I think. Just near Tokyo Sky Tree!

20130526-124215 fm.jpg

My nails will represent colourful fireflies today!

20130526-124316 fm.jpg

Spring Nail’s

This kit from Beauty World makes this spring more fun!

20130516-094325 fm.jpg

20130516-094349 fm.jpg
Today I wanted a flower pattern and the BW stick you get in the package have perfekt round shapes in two different sizes You just dip in your favourite nailpolish and “dot” away (o^^o)

Joypolis & WOMB: Last Friday in Tokyo

20130511-040907 fm.jpg
Today we went to a manmade island called Odaiba that is just on the coast from Tokyo.

To get there, and yes you should, from Shibuya (Yamanote Line) you go to Shimbashi. Takes 20min!

Then you change to Yurikamome Line and you get to Odaiba island 🙂

20130511-041529 fm.jpg
(I know, its on the side but Its 4.15pm in the morning after clubbing at Womb)

A good “get off place” in Odaiba is Daiba.
Get out here and You get to Joypolis which is an amusementpark indoors!!
Its awesome!!

20130511-042059 fm.jpg

20130511-042119 fm.jpg

20130511-042141 fm.jpg

Cost ¥3.900 (about 250 SEK) for admission and pass for all the rides and YES you will earn that money back in rides;)

So, sleep now!!
Oyasumi-Nasai (Good night)

Ghibli Museum

Another wonderful day in Tokyo!
This last third week really get you in a vacation mood which I recommend you have in Tokyo to!

So. Wednesday. 12pm. 26 degrees out.
What better then this..

20130508-102601 em.jpg
Thats right, Ghibli Museum

Totoro, Nausica, Howl’s Moving Castle, Laputa, Porco Rosso, Spirited Away etc.

So many fantastic movies made under Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki

You may think that this museum is a tourist attraction and You are right!
Japanese tourists.
To get a ticket is not that easy so here is a guide!

1) Find a bearby Lawson. ( a combini store)

2) Ask if they speak English. Eigo o hanasemasuka? and say Ghibli Museum ticket!

3) Let them help you step by step to get your tickets from their Lippo-machine!

Its often fully booked so hope for the best and to be on the best side, check Lawson for dates early in your vacation for a chanse to see this amazing (all Japanese) museum!

20130508-104337 em.jpg
If you get a ticket (o^^o) then go to Shinjuku, there change to Chuo/Sobu line for Mitaka. (Be that you might have to change to another track along the way so pay attention to the woman voice in the train;)

I recommend to stop at Kichijoji (one stop before Mitaka) and walk through Inokashira Park to the museum. Take the Park Exit. 🙂

20130508-105052 em.jpg

20130508-105108 em.jpg

20130508-105124 em.jpg

20130508-105142 em.jpg

20130508-105153 em.jpg

20130508-105207 em.jpg

20130508-105218 em.jpg
Its all worth the trubble at Lawson if you are a Ghibli fan or just want to experiense one of the best animators ever!!

Good luck☆♪

Kiyomizu dera tempel

Just one more tempel (thank you Yutaka) that I need to tell you about, then I shut Up and move back to Shibuya and shopping(^◇^)

Kiyomizu dera, Kyoto
Soo beautiful and breathtaking!
And you dont need a bus if you have Functional legs. The walk is gorgeous as well!!
Look here..

20130504-071058 em.jpg

20130504-071110 em.jpg

20130504-071124 em.jpg

20130504-071133 em.jpg

20130504-071153 em.jpg

20130504-071202 em.jpg

20130504-071215 em.jpg

I just say it was a Halleluja moment!

Nara = free deers

Before we went home from Kyoto, we went to Nara which is a town about 30min away from Kyoto by Nara JR Line.

Except for beeing a beautiful city, its special for its tempels and deers.

20130504-065437 em.jpg

20130504-065455 em.jpg

These deers walk freely in parks, streets, near tempels and so on!
Its like being in an anime from Ghibli.
We also went to Todaiji tempel where the HUGE golden Buddha sits in the worlds largest woodenbuilding!

20130504-065929 em.jpg

20130504-070004 em.jpg

A great vacation on our vacation!☆♪

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