Ghibli Museum

Another wonderful day in Tokyo!
This last third week really get you in a vacation mood which I recommend you have in Tokyo to!

So. Wednesday. 12pm. 26 degrees out.
What better then this..

20130508-102601 em.jpg
Thats right, Ghibli Museum

Totoro, Nausica, Howl’s Moving Castle, Laputa, Porco Rosso, Spirited Away etc.

So many fantastic movies made under Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki

You may think that this museum is a tourist attraction and You are right!
Japanese tourists.
To get a ticket is not that easy so here is a guide!

1) Find a bearby Lawson. ( a combini store)

2) Ask if they speak English. Eigo o hanasemasuka? and say Ghibli Museum ticket!

3) Let them help you step by step to get your tickets from their Lippo-machine!

Its often fully booked so hope for the best and to be on the best side, check Lawson for dates early in your vacation for a chanse to see this amazing (all Japanese) museum!

20130508-104337 em.jpg
If you get a ticket (o^^o) then go to Shinjuku, there change to Chuo/Sobu line for Mitaka. (Be that you might have to change to another track along the way so pay attention to the woman voice in the train;)

I recommend to stop at Kichijoji (one stop before Mitaka) and walk through Inokashira Park to the museum. Take the Park Exit. 🙂

20130508-105052 em.jpg

20130508-105108 em.jpg

20130508-105124 em.jpg

20130508-105142 em.jpg

20130508-105153 em.jpg

20130508-105207 em.jpg

20130508-105218 em.jpg
Its all worth the trubble at Lawson if you are a Ghibli fan or just want to experiense one of the best animators ever!!

Good luck☆♪


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