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I ♥ Halloween (if you didnt already knew that)!
And Tokyo is the place to be.. *\(^o^)/*
just look at at all the brilliant costumes the Japanese young people are wearing.
Next year I will be there to.. I wish anyhow 😉

Hope you are excited for this as well and have a great Halloween everyone

20131030-050701 em.jpg


Ok, I will stop now. Its not like it’s the first time ever but still I can NOT love it!!
I’m talking about My favourite time of the year and one of the best times to be in Tokyo (which I’m not).


This was me in 2011 in Tokyo!
I was an evil doll (bought in Don Quijote in Shibuya)

20131028-054754 em.jpg

Shibuya 109 is one of the biggest shoppingmalls in Shibuya and they have crazy outfits this year!
Look here for more inspiration

Fangophilia 2.0

My dear Japan-lover friends,
You must watch this amazing designer if you like crazy accessories as myself.

Fangophilia have I wrote about before but now have now interviewed Taro Hanabusa that is an amazing jewlery designer that moldes his pieces after the human body.

Just watch these pictures:

20131022-091424 em.jpg

20131022-091436 em.jpg

20131022-091444 em.jpg

Watch this interview and the movie behind the scenes 😉

StreetGyaru is what I am

20131003-031204 em.jpg

20131003-031231 em.jpg

Todays outfit is bought from tokone (and topshop and Monki) but today is all about THE wonders of legs!

Soon a free local newspaper will come out and in it will be me, talking about My style and ♥ for Japan!


20131003-031643 em.jpg

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