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A new year is here (soon, its only 31st in Sweden still).

In Japan you greet your friends and family before the new year with
Yoi otoshi o
(I wish you a good new year)

When its the new year you greet people with
Akemashite omedetou gozimasu
(Have a good new year)

20131231-012935 em.jpg
(This is a picture from Japan Lover Me

Happy new year everybody!

Christmastime – パピークリスマス

Its about 30 minutes until Christmas (the 24th is when Swedish people celebrate).

Its green outside and I havnt got much holidayfeeling, so guess my joy when I found this in the city!
Mochi アイスクリーム

20131223-115007 em.jpg

20131223-115025 em.jpg

I took the Sakura taste (Cherry blossom). It was sweet, cold and yummy!

With that I wish you all a very beautiful holiday☆

20131223-115218 em.jpg

Holiday Nails

So, what is my love.. except for fashion, Tokyo, socks, makeup and so om?!?! NAILS!

And now when its soon to be christmas, why not spice it up and build a snowman 😉

20131219-122051 em.jpg

20131219-122114 em.jpg

This is what I used:
Nailpolish Mika (Black) MakeupStore

20131219-122242 em.jpg

Nailpolish Latina Red from IsaDora

20131219-122351 em.jpg

Nailpolish White from ZTIZ

20131219-122514 em.jpg

And dont miss this little tool!
You get it in most drugstores!

20131219-122629 em.jpg

GoodLuck (^o^)

StreetGyaru jewlery

I git myself an early xmas gift today!
From me, to me!
It was like opening a bag of candy, with gold, blue and sparkeling purple wrapping!

Inside, jewlery.. a girls best friend!☆

20131216-055039 em.jpg

Maryvonne Wellen is the artist, and I know her from Tokyo in 2011 where we were room mates at Sakura house guesthouse in Komazawa Daigaku.

She is a designer from Düsseldorf, Germany and she had come to study design in Tokyo.

I watched her make jewlery then and I saw she had something special, with her designs and materials.

Her website finally opened just recent and I had to order!

The necklace and earrings are from her Approximation serie!

20131216-060216 em.jpg

20131216-060234 em.jpg

Necklace : Ni Leaf
Earrings: A Flower
(Both made in polyamide)

The ring, New Nomad Nugget ring is goldplated steel and there are 3 different sizes and figures.

20131216-060625 em.jpg

20131216-060639 em.jpg

Please go in on her webshop and look at all her beautiful designs. Maybe you still can get something for christmas 😉

Japanese traditionally footwear

Geta? Tabi? Zori?

20131211-112343 fm.jpg

Me, I love the Geta-style footwear, because of the wood but also the style, both traditionally and fashion.

Here is some info about them:

This is used for protecting your feet, from water etc on the ground. Its for practically use and woman have oval forms and men have rectangular.

Merchant’s Geta
This ones have higher teeths
and are practical when going to the market and dont want to get dirty on your feet from the water etc. (My personal favourites)

Okobo (Geta)
These are used mostely of geisha-in-training, also called maiko. The red stripes mean that she is a newbi. 😉

This is slightly more formal and are used when dressed in a kimono. Geta-styles is used dressed in yukata (which is a summerwear).

This is socks that separate your big toe from the other 4. These are seen beeing used with all these traditional footwear. (And also makes it much more comfy I might add 😉 )

These are like the Tabi socks, but with rubber soles. This is used as a regulare shoe. (I’ve got a pair Of converse made in Jika-tabi). Love them and they are not so uncomfy as they might appear.

I ♥ ⛄️(雪)

Snow, beautiful snow❗️
My favourite time of year is spring (cherryblossoms and hanamiparties) but when snow covers everything in its white sparkeling coat, I feel like beeing in a magical world.

Even better is if you have some shoes that leaves cute marks when you walk,
like these I got from my favourite (oh well, ONE of my favourite shops) at Cat Street in Harajuku!
Tokyo Bopper

20131209-121239 em.jpg
My have black bottoms as well and might seem heavy, but not to much actually ^o^

These ones leave this pretty marks in the snow:

20131209-121442 em.jpg
I love the little bows underneath.

If you go to Tokyo, look up Tokyo Bopper at Cat Street in Harajuku.
You can walk from Shibuya to Harajuku and see all the beautiful little shops at Cat Street!

To read more about Tokyo Bopper, click here

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