Japanese traditionally footwear

Geta? Tabi? Zori?

20131211-112343 fm.jpg

Me, I love the Geta-style footwear, because of the wood but also the style, both traditionally and fashion.

Here is some info about them:

This is used for protecting your feet, from water etc on the ground. Its for practically use and woman have oval forms and men have rectangular.

Merchant’s Geta
This ones have higher teeths
and are practical when going to the market and dont want to get dirty on your feet from the water etc. (My personal favourites)

Okobo (Geta)
These are used mostely of geisha-in-training, also called maiko. The red stripes mean that she is a newbi. 😉

This is slightly more formal and are used when dressed in a kimono. Geta-styles is used dressed in yukata (which is a summerwear).

This is socks that separate your big toe from the other 4. These are seen beeing used with all these traditional footwear. (And also makes it much more comfy I might add 😉 )

These are like the Tabi socks, but with rubber soles. This is used as a regulare shoe. (I’ve got a pair Of converse made in Jika-tabi). Love them and they are not so uncomfy as they might appear.

About TOKI100

You know what you want? Socks from Tokyo! Where do you get them? TOKI100% I give you the ultimate japanized updates, Sweden-style!

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  1. Such a cute illustration. Thanks for the explanation 🙂 I’ll have jika-tabi!

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