StreetGyaru jewlery

I git myself an early xmas gift today!
From me, to me!
It was like opening a bag of candy, with gold, blue and sparkeling purple wrapping!

Inside, jewlery.. a girls best friend!☆

20131216-055039 em.jpg

Maryvonne Wellen is the artist, and I know her from Tokyo in 2011 where we were room mates at Sakura house guesthouse in Komazawa Daigaku.

She is a designer from Düsseldorf, Germany and she had come to study design in Tokyo.

I watched her make jewlery then and I saw she had something special, with her designs and materials.

Her website finally opened just recent and I had to order!

The necklace and earrings are from her Approximation serie!

20131216-060216 em.jpg

20131216-060234 em.jpg

Necklace : Ni Leaf
Earrings: A Flower
(Both made in polyamide)

The ring, New Nomad Nugget ring is goldplated steel and there are 3 different sizes and figures.

20131216-060625 em.jpg

20131216-060639 em.jpg

Please go in on her webshop and look at all her beautiful designs. Maybe you still can get something for christmas 😉


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