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Moving to Tokyo

This is the year of opportunities!
I finally have my Bachelor degree from my university (after beeing away, working for 5 years) and tomorrow I will finally loose my glasses for good and do a lasersugery*\(^o^)/*

Why you might wonder, dont I work?
In April 2013 I had a bar talk at a place in Tokyo wich became an opportunity that brings me to my future.

In 24 days (Feb. 21st) I move to Tokyo to start working as an Interior designer at IKEA*\(^o^)/*

If I may! IF you get an opportunity that makes your hart pound and a smile on your face, grab it fast before it gets away. The time is NOW, not later!

20140128-011934 em.jpg
Sleaveless shirt – ICHI (Greencha NKPG)
Necklace – Maryvonne Wellen
Earings – & other stories (Sthlm)
Headband – Spinns (Tokyo)

Coming-Of-Age January 13th

Today January 13th, second Monday of the month, Japan celebrate 成人の日、Coming Of Age Day.
This is a national holiday and congratulate and celebrate all boys and girls that have turned 20 during the year (the legal age in Japan) and reminds them of their responsibility as an adult!

This celebrates often with a ceremony, where girls dress in furisode and boys wear traditional hakama or a western coat-and-tie, followed by a gathering and then a party in the evening!

This is

20140113-060047 em.jpg

(Picture from

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