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Guesthouse or apartment

Here I am, happy as a strudel because I open my eyes and Tokyo is what I see.
About seeing, that is what I do.. See clear. Thats amazing*\(^o^)/*
No lenses, no glasses, just my raw naked eyes and the world looks great.
Even my boyfriend looked better when we videoskyped yesterday(^○^)
Could be because I miss him also but still, pretty handsome fella I got myself.

Well, today, after yet another rock-hard sleep in my tatamibed I took my (now a days) regulare morning walk and my goal:

Kichijoji is one of Tokyos most interesting areas to live in, and I agree.
Here you have it all:
You have the pulse of central Tokyo, there is alot of small vintage shops everywhere AND you have Inokashira Park.

20140228-025831 em.jpg

20140228-025849 em.jpg

20140228-025911 em.jpg

20140228-025927 em.jpg
(Need I say more)

I LOVE this place and walking around where you have all these small shops selling furnitures and such I just felt a strong urge to have my own apartment!

So why didnt I get it instead Of a guesthouse?
Well, you see that a guesthouse is convinient! You have your room and outside, in the comon areas such as kitchen and toilets, there is everything you need. Its often kind Of cheap to.
AND I have stayed at Sakura House guesthouses in several areas in Tokyo and was happy in all Of them.

This time it might be because I’m 30+ AND will be here longer than before AND actually work an earn money that makes me think about getting my own place. Would be pretty great!

I mean I’m an Interior designer! I want to design my Japanese home*\(^o^)/*

Well, I have only been here for 6 days and who knows what will happen tomorrow right 🙂

How to.. Get a Japanese iPhone

So da ne, So desu ne!
Today I got myself a 日本ケイタイです❗️That is for us who dont read Japanese, a mobilephone!
I went to Omotesando SoftBank. This is a great store if you need English-speaking staff. Also Roppongi should be good.

You can either take Yamanote Line or any other Line for Harajuku and then go down Omotesando Dori (not Takeshita Dori) to a huge SoftBank store to your right.

They have mainly iPhones and iPads but also other android phones.

I had checked their webpage before going there so I knew about their different offers.

I wanted :
cheap calling-fees
good monthly price

I got an iPhone 5s (latest one with fingerprint id). (^○^) I looked at their Disney androids and other as well but I already are used to iPhones from Sweden and also many of the others only have Japanese or English as choises of language and iPhone have many more.

It took loooong time at SoftBank, and here are some useful tip that you should prepare BEFORE going there.

1) Have a registration card
2) Have you passport with you
3) Know your adress or have it written down somewhere
4) HAVE A FRIENDS NAME, THAT ALSO ARE USING SOFTBANK, AND PHONENUMBER written down (if you dont know anyone, use me 😉 )

Here you can see how happy I was doing this:

20140227-114905 em.jpg

20140227-114927 em.jpg

But here is the result:

20140227-115012 em.jpg
(I bought a case and cute charm from DolceDeco in Roomy’s in Harajuku.)

I also got a pocket wifi and for this I pay about 10.000¥/month. Not to shabby.

What I´ve learned today: 1

Today I´ve learned several things.
For one, moving don´t HAVE to be a bother, bcos you don´t HAVE to drag your mt.Fuji-heavy and tall suitcase all over the planet JUST BECAUSE! My god, what have I done all the other time moving in Tokyo. This time I went to Shinjuku (after dragging my sorry jet-laget ass upp about 9-ish) and headed to Sakura House in no rush at all. The sun was shining (crap, I need to buy me a new pair of sunglasses for my laser-eyes) and I was happily strolling down to their headoffice to pay the deposit and first month rent of a room I´ve ALREADY (in advanced) decided I wantet. I went, I payed, I left.

(intersection in Shinjuku and I think its South exit or East (?) )

Going back to Ichigaya where I have been fortuned to stay with a lovely Swedish couple I am happy to be friends with, I packed my bag(s), ordered a taxi(!!!) back to Ichigaya station and from there went direct to Nishi-ogiokubo (my new place).


I mean come on Emma, why do everything much harder than it has to be. 

So here I am, 4(5) days after arrival and have settled down in my new room.



AND I got myself some sunglasses to (need to protect my eyes here). 😉



Jetlag and a walk that never reached its goal

Well, let me just say to you all as a lesson! Your jetlag is lurking around, hiding behind your adrenaline that you finally are in Tokyo again.

I went to bed around 11pm yesterday and slept for 13h! You get really fudge-up sleeping for so long I tell you.

20140225-060648 em.jpg

A long walk would probably help I thought so my goal was Yoyogi park. The weather was great, sunny and warm and from My location to Yoyogi park it was said to be 5,2 km by car so maybe about 10 on foot. It took me about 2h one way but never mind, because look what I found:

20140225-061807 em.jpg

20140225-061827 em.jpg


I never got to Yoyogi in the end but Harajuku, so all good there! (^_^)

Now back home 4h later I could go to sleep again but nope, need to be awake abit longer.

Tachikawa – IKEA

Today, Monday 月曜日, I took a surprise-tour to my new job at IKEA in Tachikawa.

20140224-052106 em.jpg

20140224-052129 em.jpg

Today they had a kick-off with the new staff so It was good to me to meet them all right now. I’m not starting until next Monday but this was a nice surprise!

I was so happy to see the new store and when everyone from the ComIn crew came and introduced themselves with big smiles. A warmer welcome is hard to get!

After lunch and my first obento or lunch box (so far) I went for a day in Shibuya
I reccon my jetlag has been hiding until I sat on the metro and fell asleep!
It was like someone had hit me hard on the head and when the speaker announced my station I felt drugged when opening my eyes just to see the doors open.
A sane person maybe should have gone home by now to get some well earned rest (did I mention I went to work at 05.30), but hell to the no!
I took a 4h shopping-Spree in Shibuya*\(^o^)/*^o^(≧∇≦)

This is todays results:

20140224-053403 em.jpg

20140224-053439 em.jpg

20140224-053513 em.jpg

20140224-053527 em.jpg

20140224-053542 em.jpg

•The grey sweatshirt is from Forever 21
•The enamel renovera is a nailpolish remover, together with choosy lip-thingie from Shibuya 109.
Then in the same picture patches you put under your feets while sleeping and this will cleanse your body from stuff thats not good in your body!
All very basic things you need to get by with your daily life in Tokyo 😉

The CalorieMate looks like finger-cookies but are nice to your figure. THE energy-gel just give you a boost while walking as a dead in Shibuya, all jetlaged and stuff.

That was all folks for today!
Tomorrow, who knows what I will do but right now I will hit the shower and maybe later a walk!

I hope you all had an interesting day as well!!

Tokyo 2014

So, I am here now. Again!
But this time I booked a one-way ticket. Feels kind of hardcore.

I came to Tokyo yesterday (Saturday 22nd) and flew with Qatar Airways!
Their Dreamliner WAS ☆☆☆☆☆

Just like a dream from Sweden to Doha! GREAT selection Of movies to watch❗️

Today, one day after.. Or let’s say my first real day in Tokyo, I went to Harajuku. But of course right.
AND there they had LOTS Of new shops*\(^o^)/*

20140224-123005 fm.jpg

Setsubun: Japanese Bean-throwing festival

February 3rd, the day after my birthday, the Japanese have yet another great festival to celebrate that the Spring is arriving.

And this they do while throwing beans (could be soya beans or peanuts sometime) on a member at your family that wears a uni (demon mask).

Out with the devil, in with the luck. 🙂
Uni wa soto, fuku wa uchi

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