Tachikawa – IKEA

Today, Monday 月曜日, I took a surprise-tour to my new job at IKEA in Tachikawa.

20140224-052106 em.jpg

20140224-052129 em.jpg

Today they had a kick-off with the new staff so It was good to me to meet them all right now. I’m not starting until next Monday but this was a nice surprise!

I was so happy to see the new store and when everyone from the ComIn crew came and introduced themselves with big smiles. A warmer welcome is hard to get!

After lunch and my first obento or lunch box (so far) I went for a day in Shibuya
I reccon my jetlag has been hiding until I sat on the metro and fell asleep!
It was like someone had hit me hard on the head and when the speaker announced my station I felt drugged when opening my eyes just to see the doors open.
A sane person maybe should have gone home by now to get some well earned rest (did I mention I went to work at 05.30), but hell to the no!
I took a 4h shopping-Spree in Shibuya*\(^o^)/*^o^(≧∇≦)

This is todays results:

20140224-053403 em.jpg

20140224-053439 em.jpg

20140224-053513 em.jpg

20140224-053527 em.jpg

20140224-053542 em.jpg

•The grey sweatshirt is from Forever 21
•The enamel renovera is a nailpolish remover, together with choosy lip-thingie from Shibuya 109.
Then in the same picture patches you put under your feets while sleeping and this will cleanse your body from stuff thats not good in your body!
All very basic things you need to get by with your daily life in Tokyo 😉

The CalorieMate looks like finger-cookies but are nice to your figure. THE energy-gel just give you a boost while walking as a dead in Shibuya, all jetlaged and stuff.

That was all folks for today!
Tomorrow, who knows what I will do but right now I will hit the shower and maybe later a walk!

I hope you all had an interesting day as well!!

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You know what you want? Socks from Tokyo! Where do you get them? TOKI100% I give you the ultimate japanized updates, Sweden-style!

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