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What I´ve learned today: 1

Today I´ve learned several things.
For one, moving don´t HAVE to be a bother, bcos you don´t HAVE to drag your mt.Fuji-heavy and tall suitcase all over the planet JUST BECAUSE! My god, what have I done all the other time moving in Tokyo. This time I went to Shinjuku (after dragging my sorry jet-laget ass upp about 9-ish) and headed to Sakura House in no rush at all. The sun was shining (crap, I need to buy me a new pair of sunglasses for my laser-eyes) and I was happily strolling down to their headoffice to pay the deposit and first month rent of a room I´ve ALREADY (in advanced) decided I wantet. I went, I payed, I left.

(intersection in Shinjuku and I think its South exit or East (?) )

Going back to Ichigaya where I have been fortuned to stay with a lovely Swedish couple I am happy to be friends with, I packed my bag(s), ordered a taxi(!!!) back to Ichigaya station and from there went direct to Nishi-ogiokubo (my new place).


I mean come on Emma, why do everything much harder than it has to be. 

So here I am, 4(5) days after arrival and have settled down in my new room.



AND I got myself some sunglasses to (need to protect my eyes here). 😉



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