How to.. Get a Japanese iPhone

So da ne, So desu ne!
Today I got myself a 日本ケイタイです❗️That is for us who dont read Japanese, a mobilephone!
I went to Omotesando SoftBank. This is a great store if you need English-speaking staff. Also Roppongi should be good.

You can either take Yamanote Line or any other Line for Harajuku and then go down Omotesando Dori (not Takeshita Dori) to a huge SoftBank store to your right.

They have mainly iPhones and iPads but also other android phones.

I had checked their webpage before going there so I knew about their different offers.

I wanted :
cheap calling-fees
good monthly price

I got an iPhone 5s (latest one with fingerprint id). (^○^) I looked at their Disney androids and other as well but I already are used to iPhones from Sweden and also many of the others only have Japanese or English as choises of language and iPhone have many more.

It took loooong time at SoftBank, and here are some useful tip that you should prepare BEFORE going there.

1) Have a registration card
2) Have you passport with you
3) Know your adress or have it written down somewhere
4) HAVE A FRIENDS NAME, THAT ALSO ARE USING SOFTBANK, AND PHONENUMBER written down (if you dont know anyone, use me 😉 )

Here you can see how happy I was doing this:

20140227-114905 em.jpg

20140227-114927 em.jpg

But here is the result:

20140227-115012 em.jpg
(I bought a case and cute charm from DolceDeco in Roomy’s in Harajuku.)

I also got a pocket wifi and for this I pay about 10.000¥/month. Not to shabby.

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