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Guesthouse or apartment

Here I am, happy as a strudel because I open my eyes and Tokyo is what I see.
About seeing, that is what I do.. See clear. Thats amazing*\(^o^)/*
No lenses, no glasses, just my raw naked eyes and the world looks great.
Even my boyfriend looked better when we videoskyped yesterday(^○^)
Could be because I miss him also but still, pretty handsome fella I got myself.

Well, today, after yet another rock-hard sleep in my tatamibed I took my (now a days) regulare morning walk and my goal:

Kichijoji is one of Tokyos most interesting areas to live in, and I agree.
Here you have it all:
You have the pulse of central Tokyo, there is alot of small vintage shops everywhere AND you have Inokashira Park.

20140228-025831 em.jpg

20140228-025849 em.jpg

20140228-025911 em.jpg

20140228-025927 em.jpg
(Need I say more)

I LOVE this place and walking around where you have all these small shops selling furnitures and such I just felt a strong urge to have my own apartment!

So why didnt I get it instead Of a guesthouse?
Well, you see that a guesthouse is convinient! You have your room and outside, in the comon areas such as kitchen and toilets, there is everything you need. Its often kind Of cheap to.
AND I have stayed at Sakura House guesthouses in several areas in Tokyo and was happy in all Of them.

This time it might be because I’m 30+ AND will be here longer than before AND actually work an earn money that makes me think about getting my own place. Would be pretty great!

I mean I’m an Interior designer! I want to design my Japanese home*\(^o^)/*

Well, I have only been here for 6 days and who knows what will happen tomorrow right 🙂

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