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7 course Tofu

Yesterday, Saturday, was a day of peace and mindfulness!
Mt. Takao, hiking with new friends in nature that totally consumes you, make your spirit a little lighter.

Then afterwards, a 7 course Tofu dinner was a must of course!

Here are some pics from the mountain and the tofu! I hope you all have had a good Saturday and take care of one and other🌸















A sad Wednesday


This week my colleague and friend passed away!

Many missed skype-calls from back home made my gut feeling saying something was not right. But I could never have guessed. How could I?

We didn’t talk much this last year though i left my job and instead, moved to Japan. But I could follow him and my friends online, what they did and what was going on in their lives.

He was one of the good ones, one you are happy to have in your life you know!
He made my time at my former job so much more fun to go to. The last 3 years I had the privilege to work close with him every day and together we did a lot of fun events. I can’t say I miss him, yet, because I have a hard time realizing that he is actually gone. How can I miss someone that I don’t understand is gone?

Right now, Japan really feels like the end of the world and I wish I could be back home right now, hugging everyone and just to be near.

I want to tell his girlfriend and their son, and his family how deeply sorry I am! How painfully in chock I reach out my hand and thoughts to them.

This is a black week and I just wish I would have taken the time and had that fika with you that last week before moving. That’s all I can think of right now.

this song goes out to you❤️I will miss you forever


Strange food in Japan

Came home pretty late from work yesterday, was feeling kinda hungry, and went into a food market located at Nishi-Ogikubo station (my station).
Instead of follow my nose to the little bakery way back in the corner, I started look around and found this!?









Tokyo weekends – March 2014

I am not good with my updates, I know. But I’m working here ne. 😁🌟

But I have just experienced another great weekend!

Friday 金曜日
Roppongi with colleagues Gonpachi Kill Bill




So much fun for a couple of hours🎉

After that, it was already 2am and our last train had left, so we went out clubbing at feria



Saturday 土曜日
Today I went to Kichijoji, where I will live from 7th of April😝🌺🌸






This area is so great with small second-hand shops and inokashira park
which will be so beautiful when ohanami blooms next weekend!!
I can’t wait to start live there.

Sunday 日曜日



Well you know me! I 💚💜💛 Hara.
There is a great Starbucks in the new department store across La Foret (the one with a glass entrance you know with the escalators! If not you know it when u see it 🌟
It is up on 6th floor and you can sit outside at the roof in a garden!!

After some Tea Cream Frappuchino we went around urahara, the small streets behind Omotesando Dori and across the street from the exit of Takeshita Dori.

After shopping at 6%DOKIDOKI, my fav store, we went to Yoyogi park because it’s Tokyo outdoor festival today🎤☀️🌿🌱🌼


1st week on my job

So, sorry I havnt written in a while but I have had very looong days here in Tokyo!

I now got my keitai (cellphone)

20140305-071700 em.jpg
(With SoftBank)

And Tomorrow, Thursday I will se a real estate agency about getting my own apartment in Kichijoji! (^◇^)

I also managed to open a bank account at CITI Bank today so that was great!

Som great info for you to know:
Make sure you have your residence card (this you can get at the Narita or Haneda airport when you arrive to Japan if you have a visa. This is the same as an Alien card that foreigners had to get before to ID yourself.)
Make sure you have an adress ON your Residence card before going to the bank.
I didnt so I had to go to the nearest City Ward office around where I lived to get it fixed. !! This might take a while, just so you know.
Make sure to go to THE nearest Post Office from where you live to registrate. Otherwise its hard for you to actually GET your bankcard 😉

I live at a Shared house for Sakura House right now in Nishi-ogiokubo (on Chuo-line) and the city ward office is just outside the station to your right Coming out from the North exit! Walk over the Street to the right and its the 4th floor on the elevator JUST outside Cafe de Crie!!!

Good luck with your residence cards!!!

Shibuya Weekend

I like Tokyo but I LOVE my weekends here!

I used to spend my weekends in Shibuya and that is what I did this Saturday also!

20140302-022327 em.jpg

20140302-022306 em.jpg

With my hot pink Vivienne Westwood legs, my puffy pink Galaxxxy jacket and with a heart filled with happiness I walked out at Hachiko crossing in Shibuya!

Maybe it is because my happiness is shown, or maybe that I am one head over all others in hight, but before I even cross the intersection I get stopped by NTV.

They have spotted me and is wondering if I want to be interviewed for their tv show!(o^^o)

I got I businesscard, wrote down my email and who knows, maybe I will be on Japanese tv?!?!

After that start, I went to 109 and guess what! Alot of new stores was opening with great offers TODAY!

I LOVE this city(^◇^)

With thousand Japanese girls I went in and up all 8 floors and started my way down. Love this crazy shoppingmall!
Dont miss it when you visit Tokyo!

20140302-024708 em.jpg

I went to Toho Cinema (just next to 109) and found a movie this rainy evening.

20140302-025007 em.jpg
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Before that and abit tired from all shopping, I got a window seat at Starbucks with a view down on Hachico crossing! A soya latte and chokolate cookie was a sweet treat.

20140302-025558 em.jpg

20140302-025614 em.jpg

20140302-025634 em.jpg

After some Cinema with caramel popcorn and melon fanta I went home, changed and went out into the night to enjoy!house in Ebisu to listen and meet my DJ friend Yutaka!
Came home 06.30 this morning!

That is all I have to say! Love weekends!

20140302-030037 em.jpg

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