Shibuya Weekend

I like Tokyo but I LOVE my weekends here!

I used to spend my weekends in Shibuya and that is what I did this Saturday also!

20140302-022327 em.jpg

20140302-022306 em.jpg

With my hot pink Vivienne Westwood legs, my puffy pink Galaxxxy jacket and with a heart filled with happiness I walked out at Hachiko crossing in Shibuya!

Maybe it is because my happiness is shown, or maybe that I am one head over all others in hight, but before I even cross the intersection I get stopped by NTV.

They have spotted me and is wondering if I want to be interviewed for their tv show!(o^^o)

I got I businesscard, wrote down my email and who knows, maybe I will be on Japanese tv?!?!

After that start, I went to 109 and guess what! Alot of new stores was opening with great offers TODAY!

I LOVE this city(^◇^)

With thousand Japanese girls I went in and up all 8 floors and started my way down. Love this crazy shoppingmall!
Dont miss it when you visit Tokyo!

20140302-024708 em.jpg

I went to Toho Cinema (just next to 109) and found a movie this rainy evening.

20140302-025007 em.jpg
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Before that and abit tired from all shopping, I got a window seat at Starbucks with a view down on Hachico crossing! A soya latte and chokolate cookie was a sweet treat.

20140302-025558 em.jpg

20140302-025614 em.jpg

20140302-025634 em.jpg

After some Cinema with caramel popcorn and melon fanta I went home, changed and went out into the night to enjoy!house in Ebisu to listen and meet my DJ friend Yutaka!
Came home 06.30 this morning!

That is all I have to say! Love weekends!

20140302-030037 em.jpg


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