1st week on my job

So, sorry I havnt written in a while but I have had very looong days here in Tokyo!

I now got my keitai (cellphone)

20140305-071700 em.jpg
(With SoftBank)

And Tomorrow, Thursday I will se a real estate agency about getting my own apartment in Kichijoji! (^◇^)

I also managed to open a bank account at CITI Bank today so that was great!

Som great info for you to know:
Make sure you have your residence card (this you can get at the Narita or Haneda airport when you arrive to Japan if you have a visa. This is the same as an Alien card that foreigners had to get before to ID yourself.)
Make sure you have an adress ON your Residence card before going to the bank.
I didnt so I had to go to the nearest City Ward office around where I lived to get it fixed. !! This might take a while, just so you know.
Make sure to go to THE nearest Post Office from where you live to registrate. Otherwise its hard for you to actually GET your bankcard 😉

I live at a Shared house for Sakura House right now in Nishi-ogiokubo (on Chuo-line) and the city ward office is just outside the station to your right Coming out from the North exit! Walk over the Street to the right and its the 4th floor on the elevator JUST outside Cafe de Crie!!!

Good luck with your residence cards!!!


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