A sad Wednesday


This week my colleague and friend passed away!

Many missed skype-calls from back home made my gut feeling saying something was not right. But I could never have guessed. How could I?

We didn’t talk much this last year though i left my job and instead, moved to Japan. But I could follow him and my friends online, what they did and what was going on in their lives.

He was one of the good ones, one you are happy to have in your life you know!
He made my time at my former job so much more fun to go to. The last 3 years I had the privilege to work close with him every day and together we did a lot of fun events. I can’t say I miss him, yet, because I have a hard time realizing that he is actually gone. How can I miss someone that I don’t understand is gone?

Right now, Japan really feels like the end of the world and I wish I could be back home right now, hugging everyone and just to be near.

I want to tell his girlfriend and their son, and his family how deeply sorry I am! How painfully in chock I reach out my hand and thoughts to them.

This is a black week and I just wish I would have taken the time and had that fika with you that last week before moving. That’s all I can think of right now.

this song goes out to you❤️I will miss you forever



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