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Oh how time flies!!
Im in on my 5th month in Japan already and I still feel really like I just arrived. My apartment is (finally) coming together.. Got a bed👏

I thought I could make an update, just realising I took the local train to Shibuya, which gives me like 23min.

I LOVE my weekends here, as always❤️
Yesterday, Friday, I thought I would have a slow evening with no plans booked.. BUT, then my sweet friend Maiko invited me to an opening party for Cibone , a furniture store, that was reopening in Aoyama🌟
So hey ho yes so I went to a white party (wearing a deer-printed dress) and mingled with the design elite!







Im the YES(wo)MAN here in Japan!
Saying yes here means a lot Of exciting new meetings and experienses💋

So today, Im meeting a new friend for shopping and tomorrow, Sunday, my baby is coming to Tokyo for 3 weeks Of vacation (I have 5 days off)!!

So weekends ahead means alot new adventures🎉

Loving living loving it!

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